Beaded Wrap Bracelet Video Tutorial

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This is the single wrap bracelet I made while filming the wrap bracelet tutorial.

It has such a different look to it than the one I made this past weekend.

It is amazing the different look and style you can create with the same basic pattern just by changing length of the bracelet and the type and size of the bead!

Here is my attempt at a little video production for you.   Warning:  Video is 15 minutes long – Yikes –  I feel like I over explain things.    Grab a little cuppa’ something warm and cozy before you watch so you don’t get antsy.

Post production notes: I did go ahead and put a tiny dab of GS Hypo Cement on the nymo thread knots on either side of the bracelet – but just on the nymo.  Glues don’t stick for long on the linen thread because of the wax.

I hope this video helps you make your own beaded wrap bracelets!  I’d like to make more videos if you feel it is helpful.

Please share some pictures of your beaded wrap bracelet creations with me by linking back to this tutorial on your blog or website. I would love to feature some of your designs in a future post!  Leave a comment at the top of this post with questions or just to say “Hi”.



  1. thanks for sharing! love to see others’ techniques and tips. i’ll have to take a pic of the bracelets i’ve made. i’ve only tested out the use of leather cording. going back through the beads twice makes a huge difference and is the only way to go! i haven’t started with the loop and ended with the button yet – looks really nice that way, especially with the frayed linen! so far, my method begins with the cord through the shank, knotted, then sew your beads, and end making the loops – so you can alter the length – e.g., tighter or loose fit. thanks again! you are a great teacher!

  2. Thanks Barb! I’d love to see pics of what you’ve made.

    • not sure where to comment, but i am going to try this tonight, with diff materials. i have cross stitch thread navy blue, white natural looking stringing material i found in beading/jewelry section at walmart, beads, and toggle instead of button. going to twist the white n blue together, for the outsides, and then use navy blue sewing thread due to lack of better materials and what not, i hope to create something good. will let you know later how it went.

  3. I really appreciate your video. I’ve had trouble with leather, but the waxed Irish linen is something I’ll try next. I do love video tutorials and search for them for beading and knitting techniques. This is a great one – thanks.


    • Thanks for your feedback Alice! Good luck with the linen bracelets. : )

  4. Hi Tracy

    Absolutely loved your video tutorial and I don’t think it was very lengthy at all!! I found it extremely informative and you explained things very well. I ordered some waxed Irish linen yesterday and can’t wait for it to arrive so I can start playing. I look forward to seeing more of your video tutorials (hopefully).


    • Thanks Nicola – Have fun! Where did you buy your linen from? I like to know what resources people use so when others ask, I have options to give them.


  5. Hey Tracy! Awesome bracelets. Rae sent me your blog!

  6. This looks like a great project & I guess I’ll experiment on my own first before trying to teach a few teenagers 🙂 Thanks for sharing & I got your link from my friend Rae.

  7. Hi Tracey,
    Thanks for the tute, very helpful and well explained.

    Lizzie 🙂

  8. Tracey,
    Thank you for the video tutorial. I pulled out some supplies this evening and made a triple wrap bracelet. I love it!!!! Never thought I could do something like this. I used a thin waxed jute cord from my stash. Doubled it up like the tute and it worked well.
    Thank you again.

  9. great video! first attempt and i’m looking forward to it! is there any measuring advice? i want to make a double wrap like the gold and silver one in the picture and i’m not sure how long it should be. i also have fatter wrists then normal so i cant really go off of your measurements. thanks!! 🙂

    • Hi Taryn. If your wrist is bigger than a 7 inch bracelet, figure out by how much and then add on x4 for each of the material. So if you are 8 inches then add on an additional 4 inches of materials. I would say, err on the side of having more than you think you need because if you run short of materials toward the end of the bracelet, there is no way to recover. Hope that helps…. Tracy

  10. I had bought a bracelet from a jewelry party about a year ago and it broke. I am a little crafty and thought I could make one. After a google search I came across your youtube video and I am hooked. Your video was great. I have made a couple bracelets and am now wanting to know where you get your waxed irish linen. I have been using supplies bought at Michaels and wanting to get some “good” stuff as I pursue this new hobby. You have inspired me with your beautiful blog. …… Christina

    • Thanks Christina! I buy most of my waxed linen at Royalwood Ltd. Their website is not sexy but I think they carry the best selection of colors and plys. You can usually find some people on Etsy selling smaller quantities if you don’t want to buy large spools of each.

  11. Hi Tracy,

    I love this blog, you are wonderful:) How many mm’s are the silver and gold Czech crystals that you used on your Waxed Irish Linen Wrap Bracelet with silver and gold Czech crystals? Thanks soo much!

    • Hi Tina. They are 4mm metallic pale gold and firepolish silver are the colors.

  12. Tracy,

    I am having trouble finding the right type and size of thread to use so it does not break but can still go through the beads x2. Can you advise what kind of thread and the you use? Are some better than others? You do not say in your video.


    • Hi Grace. I mention “Nymo” thread in my video. The main beading threads are Nymo, C-Lon, and ONE-G. Any of them would work. I used a size D in the Nymo thread. Hope that helps. I will put some notes at the end of the post with the video clarifying the size. Thanks!

  13. Thanks!!! I’m wondering if you have recommended lengths based on the number of times the bracelet will wrap around the wrist. In other words, if I want to make a 1 wrap for a 6″ wrist, what is the recommended length? How about a 2 wrap, 3 wrap, 4 wrap, 5 wrap? How many inches in beads vs length of closure space would be most helpful! Thanks!


    • Hi Cathy. I don’t have a chart so to speak. Let me figure that out and get back to you….. Good suggestion. You sort of just keep multiplying the size by even lengths and then add on about an inch for clasp length. But I will put it in a friendly format.

  14. thanks!!

  15. Tracy,

    Love the Chan Luu Bracelets..own 2 myself and recently saw a Ron Herman that I want I am going to atempt it myself ..having a hard time finding any of the great button closures, any suggestions?
    Thanks Gina

    • Hi Gina. Really cool jewelry quality buttons can be challenging. There are some Thai silver buttons, some Etsy artisans make buttons in different types of PMC, silver/bronze, copper, etc. that are pretty cool. Just search on silver buttons in handmade. I go to my local fabric stores that have good button selections from Italy, France, etc and find some cool metal buttons. Or you can go to large online button stores like and search silver or bronze buttons. Designers like Chan Luu have their own buttons manufactured in high quantity. Good luck.

  16. Good information. I have recently started making wraps and getting them on etsy. Let me know what you think.

    Visit DaisyBead

    • Thanks Daisy. Your wraps look nice. Great job!

  17. Any luck in coming up w/ recommended length sizes?

    • Hi Cathy.
      I have a 6″ wrist and I like to wear my wrap bracelets at about 6.75 – 7″ per wrap. I tested a bracelet using the minimum amount of wasted material but yet still have enough to comfortable tie knots with at the end, etc. Here is what I recommend based on my test. The length of the clasp, with a small button is only about 1/2″ of the total length – No matter how many wraps around the wrist. Hope this helps!

      7″ bracelet ( 1 wrap) = 12″ material (meaning 1 piece linen is cut at 12″ one piece is cut at 24″ and folded over to 12″ length).
      14″ bracelet (2 wrap) = 24″ material
      21″ bracelet (3 wrap) = 36″ material
      28″ bracelet (4 wrap) = 48″ material

  18. thanks so much!!

  19. Thanks for video. I’ve never used Irish Linen, so it was a good learning experience. Needless to say, I raided my stash and made several out of different materials. The image at the link shows one I made with leather and 6mm silver beads. These little beads had been tucked away so long (someone gave them to me, not really my taste) I was clueless as to the current value of the dinky, little beads. Looks cool, though. Kinda chic biker.

    • Good job! Yes – if those are sterling….. they are worth some money these days. Thanks for sharing. – Tracy

  20. Hello,
    I am just checking if I could use a cheaper replacement for waxed irish linen or leather that kinda looks the same. Julie

  21. Hi Julie. You can use whatever cording you would like. There is faux leather cording, waxed cotton cord, hemp is a little rougher, I am sure there are more. You need to have a cording that is at least a few mm’s thick. I prefer the waxed linen because it is so friendly to work with. It holds up over time, is pliable and you can tie really great knots that stay put with it.

  22. Thanks so much for that tutorial. That was awesome and very informative!

  23. AWESOME! thanks for sharing the TUTORIAL i wondered hmmm how to make those beautiful bracelets. thanks so much for your Great Blog 🙂 xo Ari

  24. Thanks so much for the fabulous tutorial!
    I had a play yesterday, and made a couple of bracelets following your instructions…you can see them here on my blog.
    Helen x

  25. Thank you for the video. I made this the very first try.
    I wonder if you can show me how to make multiple rows of this version like a cuff , instead of a wrap.
    I am a beginner, so my imagination is very limited.
    Thanks you in advance

  26. Great video! I loved how much detail you went into, I really needed it! Made this with some vintage (circa 1940) beads that my mother-in-law gave me. I made it with leather, which was more difficult to work with. I had been waiting forever to use these beads in a project, and one finally came! Thanks so much!

    • That’s great Traci! Thanks!

    • hi,
      can you tell me where to order the button closures…in all silver?

      • I make my buttons, but there are quite a few sellers on Etsy that sell buttons made in china or there are artisan made ones too. You just need to search for silver wrap bracelet buttons.

  27. This tutorial was fabulous! It was so helpful and I love my bracelet!

  28. this was so helpful. thanks. I’m trying to find the right cotton cord to make a wrap bracelet. I purchased one on vacation and love it so thought I would try to make one but having trouble finding the right cotton cord, Joann’s didn’t have the right size. Any help would be great. Also what size thread should I use.

    • Hi Colleen. The waxed Irish linen I buy online. Tons of resources now… I buy from Royalwood in bulk – but google it and you will have lots of choices. Ornamentea is a favorite store and they carry it now. You could use waxed cotton cord – but it is not the same texture. You can buy that many places as well. Again google it. FireMountain Gems comes to mind. I use a 4 or 7 ply waxed linen or a 1mm or 1.5 mm cotton cord. Hope this helps.

  29. Thank you for this tutorial! I made mine using 4mm Toho seed beads and leather cord. I’m really happy with the way it turned out and am already working on a second …

  30. Can you do a video of the wrap bracelet your wearing?

    • Hi Patricia.

      I think the one you are referring to is just a shorter version of the one I make in the video. I am also wearing a chain bracelet that does not wrap. Hope that helps.

  31. Hi Tracy, Thanks for sharing. Very easy to follow instructions. Detail is a good thing when you are teaching a craft.

    • Thanks Carol. Glad it was helpful!

  32. Hi I love your blog. I can’t find the video for the Chan Luu inspired bracelet.

    • Thanks Robin. All my videos are under the tab Videos that can be found from my home page.

  33. Hi, what size leather cord do you recommend? 1.5mm or 2mm? thanks so much!!!

    • Hi. I use a 1.5 mm leather cord for mine. Thanks for stopping by!


  34. Another idea for buttons is the pandora style beads. They make really cool closures. I found some owls that I am in love with!

    • Yes – great idea. I think I have seen large hole beads used for the cosures as well. Thanks Christine!


  35. Your videos are very helpful , and I have made 3, 2 in leather and 1 in waxed irish linen, I need to fine tune them, I always seem to make them to big!!My fault totally ,I look at it as a learning experiance 🙂
    Hope you are finding time to relax..

    • Thanks Deborah. Glad you are having fun with them!


  36. I loved your video and have gotten great results with making my own bracelets. Now I would love to learn how to make single wrap bracelet with 5 strands of beads. Do you know how to make those? To clarify what I am speaking of go bracelets made by Minali on Etsy. I’ll be waiting, Thanks!

    • Hi Leigh.

      I have seen them and like them but have not tired to make with 5 rows. It just looks like it would take a large amount of time. I will put it on my list of things to figure out. No promises on when. i have been crazy busy lately!

  37. Tracy, Thanks so much for the video. i’ve made a few and love it but I have one problem. After I finish the beads bulge and the bracelet kinda twists. I make sure that the thread is pulled tight and align the beads really straight.
    What the heck am I doing wrong!!

    • Hi Cynthia.

      Are the beads you are using big or small? What material are you using to string? The only thing I can imagine is that you are missing the back stitch? Maybe tightening the string too tight? WIthout seeing it – I am not sure without more info….

      • Hi Tracy, I am using C-Lon thread and 3-4mm beads. I have watched your video, Maybe 25 times to make sure I am following the same technique. Everything looks great while I’m making it and then pow, the beads bulge. It mWhen you say the back stitch, what do you mean. If I don’t pull tight will the beads just have more room to move around?
        Thanks again for the special attention. Hope you did well at the show.

        • Hi Cynthia. Oh how I wish I could see what you are doing. By backstitch, I mean when you go back through the other side of the bead. You do have to pull the beads so they are a little snug – but just not too tight. I have never used the c-lon before – but I can’t imagine that would be the issue…

  38. I love the video and I started my bracelet using 2mm leather cord,6mm crystal beads with c-lon. The c-lon keeps twisting (I am making the 4 wrap) and doesn’t look neat alongside of the leather cord. What type of beading thread should I use instead of C-lon?

    • Hi Marlene. I use Nymo size B beading thread and Superlon medium size. I am liking Superlon these days. When you are doing a 4 wrap you have tons of thread to contend with and it can be tricky. I don’t make too many 4 wraps. I don’t have the patience for it! : ) I also don’t use 2mm leather. Were you able to knot it ok? I find unless it is super soft and supple, I can’t knot it as well.

  39. great tutorial … very easy to understand!! thanks!!

  40. Where do you find those great buttons?

    • Hi Tiffany. Most of my buttons come from a special fabric store in Northern VA called G Street Fabrics. The Thai silver flower buttons come from Fire Mountain Gems.

  41. Hi Tracy,

    What size Nymo thread do you use? I read all your comments above and found that you stated size B & D.


  42. I am still having a very very hard time figuring out how to string the beads on… mine wont stay straight and I’ve tried to follow the video and tried a few things on my own. I cant seem to get it right… any pointers?

    • Hi Ryan. Sorry for the delay, I was out of the country on vacation. Make sure you are going back through the bead and not missing that step. Also you need to make sure that the string you are using is pullled tight before you start a new bead. I wish I could see what you are doing. Hopefully this helps!


  43. Tracy,

    I loved your leather beaded wrap bracelet video. Where can I find it? I just see the linen bracelet video. I need a refresher course.



  44. Thank you so much for providing this video. It is so well done and has been a great help to me. The instructions I was given, from a bead shop, showed the button being added first. Do you know if there is any reason to do it that way?? Also, I used the 2mm leather cord and had a hard time with knots, so I am looking forward to trying the waxed linen. Thank you for providing some online sources for waxed linen.
    Thanks again,

  45. One more question for you …I’m looking at the Superlon thread online and wondering if the “medium” that you mentioned is size “D?”
    Thanks again,

  46. I just posted some pictures of my wrap bracelets made from your tutorial, thought I’d share!

  47. Tracy,
    I just completed this bracelet and also one of your braided Irish linen bracelets. I didn’t have 7 ply irish linen for this one, so used 1.5 mm leather cord. Used the 4 ply waxed linen for the braided bracelet. I will certainly be ordering some 7 ply waxed linen. I now understand what you mean … it is much nicer to work with than the cord. Do you suggest getting 7 ply or 12 ply?? I was thinking maybe 7 ply would have more uses in other projects? (I plan to order the spools from Royalwood)
    Thanks again, Michele
    PS Over the years I have found that yarn shops carry quite a nice supply of neat buttons. (sometimes kinda pricey though …)

  48. Tracy,

    Is there any other thread besides Nymo that I can use? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Maybe you have suggestinons on where I can find it. I have tried Michael’s and Hobby Loby with no luck.


    • Hi Kristal.

      Any beading thread will be strong enough and work just fine. I also really like c-lon thread. I order my beading threads online. You can Google C-lon beading thread or Nymo thread.

  49. Kristal,

    Hobby Lobby should have Nymo thread – in ours, it is in the jewelry wire section (not in fabrics) … They only carried black and white (are always out of brown) … In this same section, I also saw a couple of packages of different colored thread bobbins (like 6 bobbins in the pkg) for $1.99 that look very much like Nymo – got some and they appear to be identical to Nymo … work great …

    • Thanks Denise. We don’t have Hobby Lobby near me so I am not familiar with their bead and jewelry section!

  50. my pleasure … I know Hobby Lobby is not everywhere! I had to hunt down that Nymo thread! 😉

  51. Hi there your site is awesome. I loved reading the questions and answers. Very helpful information. I noticed your information using the linen to construct a wrap bracelet as you did in the video and one of your readers had asked for a user friendly chart/formula for making 1 wrap, 2 wrap, 3 wrap, 4 wrap and 5 wrap bracelet measurements in effort to cut wasting product down. I was wondering when you use the 1.5 or 2mm leather cord since that leather wrap is made not doubling the leather like you do with the linen wraps do you have a chart of the formulas to use for making those leather wraps so you won’t have much leather waste? I am aware of the wrist size times the number of wraps you want to make plus a little extra for making knots on the end. I also realize it would vary some based on your bead selection size be it a 4mm and up, etc, to determine this. However,I was trying to get a generic basis to follow when making these leather wraps to cut dowon on waste as well. It seems that it always comes up a little short to just multiply number of wraps by the wrist size??? Thanks for any input you my have!

  52. Thank you for sharing all these videos. They are so good. I like your work.

  53. I love your tutorial videos. Very informative and useful. Thank you for sharing them:)

  54. Hi,
    Thought I would try to do a 3 wrap today,about half way thru my string was so knotted I had to settle for a single, 4-5 ft. of thread is a lot to keep straight, any helpful hints ?
    Thank you

  55. Deborah,

    Do you swear? 😛 I’d get so frustrated. Thread Heaven or Bees wax helps some with that tangling.

  56. HI !!

    I am working on my new jewelry line and wanted to use linen threads for pendants and bracelets. It has a very perticular look to it! I usually use silk, and I am wondering how waxed linen looks after showering and wearing it for a few months or more .. I guess the wax wears off. Then what? Does it still look fine? … Royalwood seems to be a good source, from what I’ve read.
    I hope I can get some clarity on these questions.
    Your jewelry is beautiful!!

  57. Love the Chan Luu Bracelets..Thank you very much. That was awesome and very informative!

  58. Gracias por compartir. Son preciosas.

  59. I am inspired! Thanks so much for sharing : )

  60. Hi, I love your tutorial! Thanks so much for making it 🙂
    I am going to attempt to make one of my own. Could you tell me where you got the gold and silver faceted beads in the second photo? They’re they type of look I’m going for. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Jenn. Those are faceted czech beads. Mine are from Fire Mountain Gems. You can get them other places as well. Just have to google or search faceted gold or silver 4mm czech beads.

  61. Did you find out how to make a multiple row yet? I too am looking!

    • Wendy – – on etsy there are (paid) tutorials for exactly what you are looking for, I think. They even have a 5 and a 7 row!!
      I haven’t bought them yet, cause I just spent a buncha money and have to wait until next month, and I haven’t gotten off the ground yet with the Chan Luu tutorial . . . The shop’s name on Stsy is 4petessake and the shop owner is Denise Galloway. Absolute gorgeous!

  62. My beads move back and forth. Any ideas on how to get them to stay in place?

    • It could be a few things. I pull each stitch snug between each bead as I go. That way each bead is tightly set and they don’t jiggle around. If you are using bigger beads – 8mm or larger sometimes you get a little movement – but should not be much. Maybe your thread is too thin or you are not passing back through the bead? Not sure without seeing. You can do an extra pass back and forth every few beads to really tighten things up.

      Hope that helps!


      • Thank you for taking the time to reply to me and try to help me out! I used 6mm beads. I’ll try passing the thread through an extra time. Thanks!

  63. I’m wondering what size buttons you use/recommend? I realize that it depends on design and personal taste…but I’m just starting out and for now I want my button to complement but not be the focal point of the bracelet. For example “don’t go smaller than…”. Thanks a bunch! Awesome tutorial…the best one I’ve come across so far.

    • Hi Marilena.

      I would say a button between 10 mm and 14 mm is the best size. 14 mm can get a little big if the button is heavy. Hope that helps!


  64. Hola. Me gusto mucho el tutorial. Gracias por compatir tu conocimiento

  65. love it! thanks for sharing 🙂

  66. I was wondering if you would recommend something other than the waxed linen or leather cord. I like the look of the bracelets. I want to make a few for gifts, but don’t want to buy a ton of materials that I won’t use later. I was thinking of using embroidery floss, which I have a ton of in many colors, but I am worried it won’t be so easy to wrap the beading thread around. What are your thoughts?

    • Leather cording is always used as well. The floss won’t be strong enough to wrap the beading thread around – you are right. Hemp cord could work too – it is usually at craft stores and much easier to find than waxed linen but it will give a more rustic look. Good luck!


  67. grazie,tutorial molto utile ,bel lavoro!

  68. Wow! Love the clipboard idea. Nobody has mentioned raiding Grandma’s button box or looking for vintage buttons. Old glass ones are quite pretty. Our bead store carries lovely little metal flower buttons, too.
    My son made one of these using silk thread and his girlfriend wore it out in three months–not sure if that is typical of silk (the bead store owner was surprised). He already forgot how he made it so I’m passing on these instructions. Thanks bunches.

  69. I tried making this today as part of a care package I’m sending to my sister and nephews. I had made a few beaded lanyards for my nephew’s backpacks and a keychain for my sister but while I was in a crafty mood, I wanted to make something a little different and special for my sister. When I saw this, I thought it was PERFECT. I even showed the link to her, just randomly because, I thought it was pretty and she died and said she LOVED IT! So, I got to work. It took THREE TIMES for me to get it right. >.< The 1st time, I tried using beading wire but, it didn't bend well and was too rigid. The 2nd time, I used 0.8mm translucent stretch cord and it was too fat for the holes in the beads I was using and was also SO difficult to work with that I was ready to give up. But, while rummaging through my scrapbooking stash, I found 10lb hemp cord that was the *perfect* size, width, color, EVERYTHING. Like Goldilocks would say, "It was juuuuust right!" So, I'm glad I persevered because, the end result was beautiful. Thank you for an awesome, incredibly easy-to-follow tutorial. And, I'm sorry for the novel!! 🙂

  70. Great tutorial, thanks so much for making it.


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