What Happens When Bracelet Girl Cheats?

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she MAKES NECKLACES!   (Where did you think I was going with this)?!

I have been asked lately if I make other types of jewelry.  The answer is yes –  I do.  But, even though I may “cheat” on my regular creative routine from time to time, I still keep coming back to my first love  – Making Bracelets!

Here are a few photos documenting several moments of my bracelet making betrayal.  For your eyes only…  Please don’t tell anyone!

Waxed Irish Linen, micro faceted agates and hematite flowers

Silk fairy ribbon, mother of pearl circles with carved shell pendant

Grosgrain ribbon with copper, bronze and silver chain

Consider “cheating” and changing up your normal creative routine by trying something new this week!  It can give you a fresh perspective and allow you to return to your “status quo”   with renewed energy and ideas for positive change.

Happy March!



  1. Beautiful happens!

  2. These are gorgeous. You let a lot of the stringing material show and your style is very distinctive.

  3. Hi Tracey….great beautiful pieces! I can’t believe I just found you! I did a ggogle search for waxed linen jewelry because I am mostly a wire and metal kind of girl, but have alwyas wanted to try cord…and you popped up! I am now going to drool and obsess over your wonderful talent and blog! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Sharon! I am glad you found me because your blog and jewelry is great for me to look at too!

  4. Hi Tracy, Thanks for the videos. I was wondering if you could tell me the best place to buy supplies online especially for the waxed irish linen thread. Thanks, Lisa

    • Hi Lisa.

      I get my waxed Irish Linen in wholesale bulk from Royalwood, Inc. I buy beads adn supplies from tons of different online vendors. Good ones with big selections are Beadaholique, Fire Mountain Gems, Lima Beads.

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