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You are all jewelry making obsessed junkies who spend lots of time playing with beads each week!  I mean that with love  – but…  You do on average spend many more hours making jewelry than I would have guessed.  I knew there was a reason I liked you all so much!

Thanks to everyone who took time to give feedback and comment.  Just over 200 of you filled out the survey which is about a 50% rate of completion! That is awesome.

I will give you more details on the survey data soon.  But for now – let’s see who won the “Get to Know You – Giveaway”!

Random Number Generator says lucky number 4!

 Congratulations Jill Mankin!

A pretty package containing a diverse selection of more than 20 different jewelry making items that I have selected from my private stash is on it’s way to you very soon.   Beads, silk, leather, charms, cord ends, clasps and more!

Thanks again to all who participated!

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  1. Tracy, it looks like you learned some great information! And what a successful turnout! Congrats to lucky Jill! 🙂

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