Leather & Gemstone Bracelet

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Happy Labor Day!

Kids go back to school tomorrow…

We have three young adult tourists (kids of family friends) coming to visit from New Zealand, Spain and England tomorrow.

I’m running around getting everything together, so I have few words today.  Just another leather and gemstone bracelet.   The leather has been upcycled from old motorcycle seat scraps.  I made and  textured the copper button.

Have a great week!


  1. Great reuse of materials. Just goes to show you that you can make anything if you set your mind to it. Nice job 🙂

  2. Hey Tracy,

    My husband gave me his old guitar strings. I started a bracelet that I am excited about but I had to put it aside…..boy is that string hard on your hands. Going to have to look for some tips on working with guitar strings.

    • That’s a good idea! I have never worked with guitar strings before, but I can imagine they would be sort of tough on the hands. I am trying to get better at reusing other materials for jewelry.

      Have a great day! Tracy

  3. Very Nice – love the colors and that the leather is ‘up-cycled’, too!! Cool copper button – really pretty!

  4. How did you attach the strings of beads to the leather, Tracy? It’s cool, and the copper button is beautiful!! Love the up-cycling.

    • Thanks Michelle.

      The beads are strung on waxed linen. I leather punched holes in the leather and knotted the irish linen through the holes on the inside. The leather is folded and glued with a leather glue.m

      : ) Tracy

  5. Tracy, I see your B&B is open again! I hope things are going well this week with your visitors and the kids back in school….what a week plus all the rain we are getting!
    Your new bracelet is fantastic. I love that innovative leather focal combined with your metal button!

  6. Thank you, Tracy! You are so generous. That is a cool bracelet, and very unique!

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