Packing Up to Bliss Out

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Just wanted to say hi quickly.  I feel like this week flew by!  I have waited to the last minute to pack up all my torches, solder supplies, tools and embelishments for My Art Bliss Workshop tomorrow.  I will be designing, cutting and soldering my own art bezel pendants.  It is an undertaking to get all the supplies together and packed for one of these live workshop events.  But it’s worth it!  I can’t wait.

My rolling bag is so full I can hardly zip it.  Now I just need to pack a few snacks, make sure my cell phone is charged and give my husband all the instructions on getting the kids fed, dressed and out the door tomorrow and back where they need to be at the end of the day.  Yikes – I just have to hope for the best!   I’ll be blissed out making some serious art jewelry.

I’ll share some pictures over the weekend!



  1. Tracy, I hear you! My Pilot was packed literally to the roof for ArtBLISS! 🙂 You’d think I was moving across country! Looking forward to seeing you in merely hours! 🙂

  2. Sounds like a blast! Take lots of pictures! Enjoy!

    • Thanks Lorelei. You just reminded me to go grab my camera! : )

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