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UPDATE:   It is Tuesday, the 26th and things are coming together.  I am still figuring out all the new technical aspects of a self hosted WordPress blog.  If you have been checking in to see what I am up to then you have seen all sorts of crazy themes, broken pieces and downright ugly on my page.  I think it is starting to look like a blog again.  Still has tons of broken links, missing media, etc.  But it is improving.

NEXT UP: Moving all 750 of my email subscribers over. Ouch! I lost the ability to email new posts to everyone one of you becuase I did not use a third party subscriber or autoreposnder service.  It was just a wordpress.com function.  Another less than super smart move on my part.

I will be sending you a new email soon that will require you to re-opt in and I hope you bear with me and opt-in again so I don’t lose you!  You will no longer recieve emails or updates from me without re-opting in.  It may be a day or so before I can send that email.

That’s all for now….  I know your eyes have glazed over and I am speaking Greek to most of you.   I am dying to get back to making jewelry instead of playing pseudo programmer.  At least I am saving loads of money doing it myself so I can buy more BEADS!


I have been experiencing some technical difficulties, frustrations, insanity this past week.  Make Bracelets was down, then it was up…

then it was down again…




 What is Going On With My Blog?  


I have been attempting to transfer my blog from WordPress.com hosting to another host like GoDaddy or Host Gator.  If I had known what a project it was going to be, I would have planned better and found some anti-anxiety medication to take.  I found out I am not really qualified to do the kind of transfer I need to do – that’s doesn’t usually keep me from doing something.

I have to switch to a new web host because there are things I want to do in WordPress that I can’t do with WordPress.com.  I want to upgrade my theme, I need to incorporate a store, more tutorials, etc.  I  can’t do it with WordPress.com hosting.

** Big Technical WordPress Tip**  If you want to start a WordPress blog, make sure it is Self Hosted.  In other words, don’t host through WordPress!  If you have questions and care about this topic – you can email me becuase I will be an expert at this very shortly.

I started to tackle backing up .SQl files, FTPing files over, pointing domains to different servers and then back again.  I even tried to hire someone to help me who transfers blogs on a regular basis.  But they were not good at transferring my blog from WordPress.com…  Sigh.

So I am back to square one – other than I have learned quite a bit and I think I may have another solution now.

Make Bracelets is now a:


There may be more days with no website.

But I am trying to…


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  1. Man, I feel for you! I took my godaddy website completely down and then had just my url pointed over to 1 and 1 where the hubby had all his stuff – it was a bit of a nightmare. Mostly for the email things, but it still wasn’t that fun. Thank God he did it all – I would have definitely needed to be on meds if I had done it! Now I just use my blogger site as my website and my etsy store as my store/shopping cart and until things pick up sales wise – that’s working fine. But I feel your pain,…..

    • I am glad someone else relates! : ) Technology is great when everything works! Yeah – I don’t know why I don’t just choose the easy route. I think I tend to make things harder for myself than they need to be. Have a great weekend!

  2. Hello Tracy,
    my name is Małgosia, I live in Poland. I am happy to watch your blog and I have it among my favorite blogs. I worried if it did not work as it should. I am glad that I can peek at it again and draw inspiration from you. Thank you, have a nice weekend:)

    • Hi Malgosia. Thanks for the kind words. I am happy to say my blog is on it’s way to recovery and I will be able to start posting fun stuff again soon! Take Care, Tracy

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