Sizzix BIG Kick Review, Vintage Addition

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I ordered The Sizzix BIG Kick, the Vintaj edition a week or so ago and have been playing around having fun with it!  I’ve cut my own metal blanks, tried a few different manufactured blanks, ran them through the machine and I wanted to share my results.

I’ve done lots of research and the best price for the Sizzix Big Kick, Vintaj Edition is almost always here.

I put together a few finished pieces using the metal I’ve textured.  Many of you emailed me with your own input, experience and questions.  I love that!  I have consulted with Sizzix Big Kick customer service to get a few questions cleared up.


First, I unpacked the box and thought the handle for the machine was missing!  I was not happy. I waited until the next morning to hear back from customer service.   They told me they thought the handle was missing the first time they unpacked the box too!  The handle is well hidden in a hole on the back of some of the styrofoam packaging.   I nearly tossed it out and I would have been in trouble because it was garbage day.  The Big Kick Vintaj edition is very popular and seems to be on back order in many places so if you do get your hands on one, don’t throw away the packaging until you find the handle!

Overall, it is very easy to use.  I found that if the metal is over 26 gauge, it has a hard time running through the machine and leaves permanant marks on the die templates.  26 gauge works really well.

Many stamping blanks you would buy are going to be too thick to run through the Sizzix Big Kick and will quickly damage your die folders.  Vintaj says to only use their branded blanks so you will not run into a problem.  You also are encouraged to rotate them around to different images and not always use them in the same spot.  This sort of stinks because  you are going to have your favorites you want to use again and again.

One of my readers found that the “Jewelry Shoppe” blanks from Hobby Lobby work great as well as some from Fire Mountain.  You have to use your common sense.  If the blank or metal feels too thick when you close the folder then it is going damage it as it runs through the machine.  I would recommend using a metal gauge to check your thickness if you are not sure and are going to use blanks other than those made by Vintaj.

If you have owned other Sizzix Big Kick products and have other texture plates or dies, they recommend you do not use them on metal and just stick to paper as they were intended for.  You can run them through the Vintaj big Kick as long as you are using paper.  If you use the Originalz and the Bigz to cut metal they will wear out really fast (this directly from Sizzix).  Their instructions are a bit unclear on this.

The Vintaj Big Kick is a nice tool to have to texture metal in a super easy way.    You are of course limited to the designs they give you and the folders will wear out with lots of use. Will it keep me from etching metal the messy old fashioned way?  Probably not, if I want a totally unique original design or want to texture a large piece.   However, you sure can’t beat the Vintaj Big  Kick for quick and easy embellishments to your metal blanks.

For those of you who just bought and had questions or for those of you that are considering it, I hope this helps!    Are you considering one?

You can buy  the Sizzix Big Kick, Vintaj Edition by clicking the hyper text.

If you have one – what do you think?  I’d love to know your experience – let me know by leaving a comment.



  1. May I ask where you order your supplies . I want to make something and my craft and jewelry supply is lacking big time.

    • Hi Vicki. Which supplies in particular? I get supplies many places – mostly online. Just let me know what you are looking for specifically and I can help you out.

  2. Wow!!! Really beautiful! I’m delighted with them!
    Greetings, Małgosia

  3. What a great review of the Big Kick. It really intrigued me when I saw it for the first time at Bead and Button. I think you could have hours of fun and countless designs with all of the embossing folders. Thanks for sharing all of the information.

  4. I love what you made really cute. I almost trew out the handle on mine also which I also purchased at beadholique, it’s funny you mentioned you called them I almost did as well but looked in the box again, they really hid that well. I have only made a few pendants so far, but I am wanting to make something unique as well. Have fun with your vintaj big kick!

  5. These are gorgeous. Small piece of art, Like them especially because they are look old.

    • Thanks Kostantina! I like the worn, old look too!

  6. Hi Tracy! We sat next to each other at ArtBliss! I apologize, but I lost your info and saw your post on another blog! Love the things you did with the Big Kick and your review. Will be reading more 🙂

  7. Love this place! Thank you for sharing. I have the regular Sizzix Big Kick, is there an internal difference between the two or is the difference in the packaging/branding? I haven’t used it yet…I’ve been looking for the vintaj folder and found 1 lonely package at Hobby Lobby (these are super popular)…I will have to check back for the rest.

    btw….I love the way you photographed the pieces…very nice.

    Be well and happy creating~

    • Hi Sandra.

      Thanks for the compliments! You are set with the expensive part. The difference is only in the packaging and branding. The folders are different. They are popular and a little to get a hold of right now while they are new. You may have to search online to see if you can find some.

      Good luck!


  8. I saw the video on the bracelets made with the sari scraps but couldn’t find the list of where to buy them. Could you tell me where to find it?
    Thanks. I love how the Big Kick embosses the metal and I can think of several ways to incorporate that into my jewelry! I may just ask for that for Christmas from my family!!

    • Hi Mary.

      I get my sari silk yarn from Darn Good Yarn. They come in different color combos. If you google silk sari yarn or ribbon you will get quite a few places – but I like the pricing and the fact that it is upcycled from Darn Good Yarn.

  9. The earrings are amazing. I don’t think I could do those!

  10. Hey! I absolutely love the idea of using the BigKick to do this. I have spent the past few days trying to decide which embossing machine to buy. Is this the only BigKick you can use to emboss metal? Or will any BK work as long as you are using the Vintaj embossing folders?

    • Hi Leah.

      You can use any of the Big Kick’s as long as you are using the correct Vintaj etch or emboss folders. Have fun with it!

  11. LOVE my Big Kick…hubby got it for me as a birthday gift! I just recently made my first necklace with it (moon folder) and it sold in the first day – I love when that happens!

  12. I purchased the Big Kick at the beginning of December and love it!!! I also thought, Holy Cow mine doesn’t have a handle! But after frantically looking my son turned over the styrofoam and there it was!
    I did however purchase mine at Hobby Lobby and they allowed me to use my 40% off coupon which means I got it for a steal!!!!!
    The plates however I had to order online and found good prices on Amazon marketplace because Hobby Lobby said they were unable to get them in!
    I love your designs up top. Inspired me to get mine back out and create again! 🙂

  13. Hi Tracy! I really love your blog and your jewelry, jewelry making tips and the fact that you are willing to share info with other crafters/jewelry makers.

    I am relatively new to jewelry making, I just started in November 2011. When I first saw the Sizzix Big Kick I fell in love with all the ideas that were popping into my head, all the possibilities. BUT I had to save up for it.

    I finally saved up, but I was wondering a few things: Do you still use the machine quite a bit, was it worth the purchase for you? AND since I am having a hard time finding blanks that are 25-26 ga, will 24 ga metal work?

    I know Vintaj makes 25ga brass blanks but I’m finding it hard to figure out which of their products are 25ga. Sometimes on webstores they do not list the gauge. Also, I want to use other metals besides brass, actually mostly sterling, some copper and brass.

    ALSO (LOL, sorry, lots of questions)… Have you considered making metal blanks in different metals in 26ga and selling them? I have done extensive searches on the web and am REALLY having a hard time finding 25 or 26 ga blanks. Just a thought. I know – as soon as I get my machine- I will be one of your most frequent buyers 🙂

    Thanks for taking the time to read this! I would appreciate any answers you have for me.

    • Hi Mary! Glad you found my blog. Yes 24 gauge will work. That is what most of my metal blanks are that I make. You are right – most stores don’t list the gauge of the blanks – that is why VIntaj recommends you use blanks made for the Vintaj Big Kick so there are no questions. The thicker the blank – the more damaging to the impression folder.

      I won’t likely be making blanks for sale. I would only be able to produce rounds at any sort of quantity as the rest of my blanks are hand cut and formed and are time consuming!

      The person who commented below got the Vintaj Big Kick version at Hobby Lobby and was able to use the 40% off coupon. Don’t know if Michaels is selling the Vintaj version – but the regular Big Kick works just the same – you would just need to purchase the Vintaj folders. I also know that some of the tim holtz impression folders will work on thin metal blanks – but the company does not endorse it.

      I still like Vintaj machine – but as with many of my “toys” they get put aside at times for the next big thing I am experimenting with – but I do really like what it does and if you are planning on adding texture to your jewelry line it is easy way to do it. I do wish they had more extensive pattern folder options – I think they are working on that. It was worth it for me – I got it on sale and I like to have the option to play with it. I also want to do some paper work with it and have the option to do that with other folders.

      Hope that helps!

  14. Thanks for your response 🙂 I guess I was just worried that I would invest in this machine and I wouldn’t be able to find blanks to use with it. I have seen that they are putting out more folders on the or Sizzix site under a coming soon section. It looks like maybe in March, I’m excited! I am subscribed to your blog now so I will keep my eyes open in case maybe you have a blank lot you would like to destash LOL!

  15. Tracy, your designs are amazing! They gave me some great ideas. The comments on the Vintaj Sizzix are great also; I am definitely going to get one. I make jewelry and have been very interested in the Vintaj Sizzix Big Kick. I am glad to know that Hobby Lobby lets you use your 40% off coupon since I am retired after 45 years and need to watch my expenses. Hobby Lobby is where I buy all my Vintaj pieces. I also love Vintaj because it was started by 2 women, their pieces are lead and nickel free, and they are made in the U.S. Thanks

  16. it is unfortunate that the vintaj uncut brass, which they call something like art canvas or something, is way too thick to run through the machine… i ruined all my plates within 6 months because i was punching my own blanks using their 3×3 canvases and now they are all messed up. so even if you use vintaj metal, it can mess up your plates. i have to replace them every once in a while. also, dawn above me… i am pretty sure they outsource to china now. i love my machine though, i just think it isnt very durable for daily use, the two plexiglass plates got warped right away… and since i do this for a living it is getting to be a pain.

    • Hi Jacqueline.

      I only used it only a dozen times or so on my own blanks and metal sheet and found it quickly damaging the plates and the plexiglass. If you keep the sheet metal a 24 or 26 gauge it found it to be ok. If you are not sure of the gauge and think it is too thick – then you will have problems. Thanks for sharing your experience since you use it regularly!


  17. I have been look at the Vintaj Bigkick. I was wondering, is there a reasonably priced maching that embossed and cuts metal? I would like one that does both. I have looked and can’t tell if big kick does or not….. Thanks

    • Hi. The Vintaj Bigkick only embosses, it does not cut metal. There is not a machine on the market that does both. There are different shaped disc cutters – but other than than, you have to cut and saw metal shapes yourself or buy already manufactured metal blanks.

      • Hi 🙂 I’m confused so the machine will cut metal or will not …I’m really interested in making my own blanks …thanks in advance.

        • Hi Michelle.

          No. the machine does not cut blanks. You use Vintaj blanks or blanks of same gauge as Vintaj recommends and emboss or stamp on those blanks. You would have to hand saw or use a blank cutter (which mostly come in round or very basic shapes) to make yoru own blanks.

          Hope that helps!

          Tracy Statler

          • Thank you Tracy

  18. Thanks!!

  19. Very informative report. Thanks for taking the time to do it. I’m considering buying the BigKick and this has been very helpful – answered all my questions.

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