A Store, A Store!

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The time has come to open an online boutique to sell my jewelry.  My friends, family, blog readers, people who find  me randomly online and Pinterest followers have convinced me to Just Do It – Already!  It has always been fun and exciting to receive emails saying “I love your jewelry!  Where can I buy it?”  Then, sort of a let down for me and those that are interested when I say I don’t have a store.   I always have to ask what piece grabbed their attention, enter a dialogue and then send a PayPal link.  Too much back and forth email and more work than it should be.  It’s time to graduate beyond that.


I’m Happy to Say:   COMING SOON


I’ve always loved the blowing dandelion image.  The logo refelcts my of love natural beauty, natural materials and my affection for tonal, earthy color palettes. Oh and lots of white space!  I originally created this next logo. I purchased an image from Bigstock and took it into Picnik to add the fonts.   Unfortunately, I found after I had purchased my image from Bigstock, that it was not licensed for use in a logo indentity – quite by accident.  Big Ooops!  I was so happy with my first logo, but I have come to appreciate the simple lines of the new one above and the fact that I won’t have any legal issues down the road…  Thanks to Mandy at Style Me Sweet Design for your help since I am not a Photoshop Whiz.




A soft opening of Tracy Statler Designs will be right before Thanksgiving (head spinning busy, crazy timing  – YEah)!  My soft opening will be announced to my blog reader friends and through Lori Anderson’s  Pretty Things First Annual Virutal Craft Fair.  I will not do any marketing until the new year while I get comfortable with my new ecommerce system and the rhythm of stocking a store.

I will have some insights for you about opening a store on a platform other than Etsy or Big Cartel.  So far, it has been a good experience, very cost effective and when I get further down the road, I’ll share my intel.


I’ll still be delivering bracelet and jewelry making tips on my blog, my experiences with different tools, materials and products.  My heart is in teaching and sharing jewelry making knowledge and that will continue – with some more announcements around that topic in the new year.

It’s almost 10pm.  Time to make the jewelry.











  1. congrats!!! Yes, it is time for a store! You do beautiful work….enjoy

  2. Congrats! I can’t wait to see it. I love your jewelry 🙂

  3. Awesome!

  4. That is such wonderful news Tracy!! You make such beautiful pieces 🙂 I wish you every success with your new online store!!!!

  5. Congrats to you Tracy! Your a fantastic jewelry artist and your jewelry needs to be showcased. I wish you good luck with this. I hope you will also sell your tuturials.

    • Thanks Mary. I appreciate the warm wishes!

  6. Congratz with the new store, looking forward to see more of your work 🙂

    Kind regards,

    Sabrina Muis @ Mens Bracelets

  7. Congratulations Tracy, I wish you the best! Sometimes you have to take chances in life to make it happen.

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