Major Chance to Win Pretty Things!

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70 Artists

7 Days

70 Giveaways!




Lori at Pretty Things is at it again.  She has organized the First Annual Virtual Craft Fair which should pretty much blow your socks off and it could not come at a better time – Holiday Giving Season!


70 different artists from different creative disciplines (plenty of jewelry designers) will be represented November 26th –  December 3rd.  Each day, you will have the opportunity to meet new artists, visit their blogs,  see and purchase their work and have a chance to win a gift from each artist .   You did see that there will be 70 different presents being given away?!  If you win, you may keep the gift for yourself or give to someone special on your holiday list.

I will be featured on December 1st and will be giving away one of my handmade leather, brass and gemstone bracelets.  I am so excited for someone to win it!

You don’t need to be a regular guest at this blog or be familiar with any of the other artists in the Virtual Craft Show in order to win.  More details on how to win will be posted on the 26th.


Until then,  Happy Thanksgiving and stay tuned for more details.




  1. YEAH!!!! This is AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing Tracy! I hope I win your prize as you have been my inspiration to make bracelets!
    Warm regards, Liz

  2. That’s a pretty cool thing that Lori is doing. It’s a great idea. Happy thanksgiving

  3. This is so exciting! I will be tuning in daily to see visit the craft sale… what a great idea. Thank you for thinking of it! PS I hope I win 🙂

  4. What great way to celebrate the Holidays! Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Thanks Lee Anne! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  5. What a great treat, not only do I get
    inspiration from these artists but I get a chance to win a bracelet! What could be better?

    • That’s right… You get a chance to win 70 different things if you want….

  6. I am really looking foreward to get new inspirations from so many different artists!
    Happy thanksgiving to you! I love watching your blog and get inspired to make my own things. I live far, far north in Norway, and spending much time makeing “things”. Sorry if my english isnt to good!

    • Hi Ing-Janeth. I am so glad my blog is inspiring you to make your own things. Your English is great! Thanks for commenting.

  7. Once I get to Lori’s site I cannot see anything for sale. Do I sign into your site everyday to get the new artist’s site? What am I doing wrong? I owuld love to be a part of this. Thanks.

    • Hi Cassie. I am glad you are excited. Check back tomorrow on the 26th. It runs from the 26th – December 3rd. : )

  8. You are an amazing artisan and teacher! Thank you and I love following you!

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