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Marketing/Sales.  I worked in it for years.   Marketing and selling for others – no problem.  Doing it for myself…. another story.  I know many of you know it is lots of hard work to dream, create, make, market and sell your handmade jewelry.  Let’s not forget photographing the jewelry so it looks beautiful, pricing it right, purchasing supplies, etc.  Keeping a store stocked so it looks enticing.   We do it becasue it is a passion and we just must do it.  There is no other option.  Not because it is easy.

Here are a few things I need to get better at.

1).  Facebook.  I am getting ready to start a Facebook page for Tracy Statler Designs that is also an ecommerce storefront.  It’s included when you open a store with Volusion – it runs off of the Volusion store.  Supposed to be easy to do – I just have not had the time yet.  I’ll let you know when that happens so you can check it out.

2).  Wearing my jewelry.   I get yelled at all the time for not wearing my jewelry.  You know who you are – my friends.  I need to be a better walking display for my work.

3).  Pinterest Marketing.  I have a poor showing of my own jewelry on Pinterest.  Another thing I need to work on.

4). Ranking for high value keywords – relating to handmade jewelry, artisan jewelry,etc.   Slowly working on that on my site.

5).  Fun/creative promotions.   I have a little one to share today!

The list goes on.


Here is a graphic that I am testing on Picnik and I am going to place on Facebook.  Yes, I am going to go on Facebook today.



 So PSSSSSt.  It’s a flash sale.  About 36 hours.  Ends tomorrow at midnight.  20% and I will ship free.   If you are interested!  ; ) 

Tracy Statler Designs

I am headed to Intergem on Friday.  Anyone else in the DC< MD< VA areas going?  Would love to meet up with you!

I have to get back to making some jewelry for a gift swap and baking cookies for the cookie exchange tonight!  Oh yeah – finishing Christmas cards…. Better get movin!


  1. So…where’s the link to your shop in this blog entry? That would help to, people could jump right to it.

    • Click Tracy Statler Designs above in blue.

  2. Marketing and sales is something I know a lot about but like you, have a harder time applying to myself.

  3. Oh gosh Tracy, this sounds exactly like me!! I just want to create and leave all the marketing etc to someone else! But, we need to sell to support our art! Agh!! What’s a girl to do!! Enjoy your blog and your creativity! Keep going!!

  4. Tracy, you are always evolving and it’s exciting to watch and learn from you. 🙂 Thank you for always sharing the wealth of information that you give so freely. I know I could benefit from marketing more as well..but I need to have jewelry for sale to begin with! 🙂 Just no time lately to create new pieces.
    You are one busy lady – I’d love to do a cookie exchange one of these days – I’ve only gone to one! Anybody say baked goods? I’m there!
    I was hoping to go to the gem show but have a deadline that just popped up so I think I’ll (sigh) have to pass…plus I have those cards to write still too! Let’s get together in January! 🙂

  5. Oh Tracy, I SO feel your pain. I was digital scrapbook designer for a number of years and at one point realized my own PR took the same amount of time as my designing. Perhaps there is someone you could entrust it to in trade for a lovely bracelet from time to time. I did that for awhile and it worked out well for us both. I found you from Stumble Upon, so registering with them was a good move on your part.

  6. Thanks for always having such a bright, positive blog! Even when you’re talking of things that are challenging you still have a postitive spin on things and it’s so uplifting! The Marketing thing bogs me down, as well. And as for Pinterest,..oh my – can’t even figure it out cause I get too sidetracked just looking at all the gorgeous photos on there!! 🙂

  7. Tracy, love your bracelets/blog! Found you on Pinterest.
    I have a promotion suggestion for your online products if you don’t mind.

    For instance – The image above named “picnik-collage” is distorted, the width is squished and the height is elongated. When trying to sell your bracelets etc. you would want them to be shown true to actuality to properly display all the cool details. right?

    In the page code the image size and the placeholder size are not in ratio, therefore the page code “forces” the image to fit and then distorts it.

    Instead of trying to fit/squeeze an image of your product into a certain-sized box or placeholder, either make the box the same size as the image, or reduce the image or crop the image to fit into the box.

    I dont know what control you have of your html code, but I suggest to either reduce you image to the width of the placeholder (optimal), or remove any fixed dimensions in the code.

    Good Luck! Hope you dont mind… really want to help … Love your stuff – I will shop now ; )

    • Thanks so much for your input Cari. I have not heard that before – most people would not bother to say anything! I am going to email you a little later for more detail as I work on a Mac and I don’t see what you see. My images appear to be in correct perspective and ratio.

  8. Tracy, I love your website. I had Googled ladder bracelets and happened on you that way. Your instructions are great and your sight is classy. After reading your blog it seems like we all have the same problem – how do we sell what we love?
    I’ve experienced selling at church boutiques (both places families don’t have money to spend on expensive jewelry) and yesterday I visited a trendy shopping area near me where I presented some of my pieces. The ladies were nice but the jewelry didn’t fit the designs of the clothing line.
    Guess I’ll be content with my learning skills for now.

    • Thanks for commenting Sue. Glad you found me. It’s funny how those few Youtube videos have led so many people to me. I am now selling in an online boutique and it is keeping me busy – but I am really mostly wanting to teach and I am working on my first comprehensive video workshop. I also may open an Etsy store to sell samples, kit and overstock supplies. We will see how it all evoles…
      Good luck to you in your jewelry sales!


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