Happy New Year!

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Fireworks photographed by me in Baltimore's Inner Harbor

Wishing You Health & Every Happiness in 2012!



I will be taking a little break and going off the “grid” so to speak for a few weeks.  Some good but busy things have popped up right before a family vacation that’s has been planned for months.  My almost completed post about destashing bead goodies is going to have to wait – hmmmm procrastinating already on my new year’s goals?!   Not a good example – but total reality.

I’ll be packing the super duper bug spray and high spf to head out of the country to use up some hard earned airline and hotel points courtesy of my road warrior husband.  Hint:  The country has more than 25% of it’s land mass devoted to national parks and preservation land.  Well over 100 volcano formations dot the countryside.  I am looking forward to strong coffee and howler monkey’s running around.

I think I gave away too many clues…  Any guesses?


Be back soon!



  1. Costa Rica! Love it there. Have a great time.

  2. Tracy, it sounds like a well-deserved break. I’m totally intrigued!! You lucky lady, you’re getting out of Northern Virginia and somewhere tropical…? Have a great time. Looking forward to pictures when you get back!

  3. Hawaii??

  4. Kentucky……..

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