Back to Reality! Pictures of Costa Rica.

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We are home from Costa Rica and are settling back into reality.   We had a wonderful trip!

 We flew to Liberia airport and went to the dry part of Costa Rica on the Pacific Coast called the Guanacaste region.

Hot, Hot intense sun.  90 + everyday – great breezes and not very humid.  Went through three bottles of sunscreen!

Amazing wildlife, trees and vegetation everywhere.  The green season just ended.

Surfing, jet skis, ziplining, tons of incredible food, fruity drinks and plenty of relaxing by the pool.


We would definitely go back to Costa Rica. Next time fly to San Jose airport and see the volcanoes and rainforests.  If anyone has an opportunity to go the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica and wants recommendations for anything – just let me know.  I do tons of research on every aspect of all of our vacations and I would love to share my research!

I am dying to get back to making jewelry.  I have so many new beads and findings stacked up that I have not even unpacked yet.
I have been unpacking, going through mail, voicemails, emails and laundry all weekend.  I went down to visit my studio once and turned right back around because it is a mess and my vacation clean up had to take priority.

Be back soon!


  1. Those are stunning photos…I particularly enjoy the “Amazing Sunsets”…I am a sucker for colored skies! You would never in a million years catch me on a zipline-I am a chicken at heart, though your family sure seemed to enjoy themselves! I have to say, your children are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    • Wow, I am so jealous… You deserve it girl… thanks for the pictures, they are nice. your little ones seem so sweet…

  2. Tracy, just the update I was waiting for! 🙂 Such fabulous photos – I loved the ones of the view, the crab, and your cute little ones. Talk about memories to last a lifetime & so nice that you could get out of the NoVA area!!! It sounds like you need a vacation from your vacation with all of the mail/bills/email stacked up and waiting for you! 🙁

  3. yeah I am happy you loved it. Both my parent are from their I was born here. I desing jewelry to. Did you get any yummy beads their if you did I would love to see pic. Glad to see you back

  4. I love this pictures that you’ve shared of your trip. I spent a portion of my childhood in Panama and saw many of the animals you have pictured here. What a great trip down memory lane. It looks like y’all had fun!
    I can’t wait to see what comes out of your studio after such great inspiration!

  5. I happened upon your site by chance and am glad I did. Loved the pics of CR – have been there many times. You must try Corcovado and tne Talamanca mountain region next time – wild and wonderful!

  6. I just found your blog and your Pinterest account I’m loving them already and especially this post because I’m from CR and is great to see how everyone can enjoy it just like we do. If you are planning on coming back I would love to give you recommendations too!

  7. Hi Tracy, I happened upon your wrapped, stacked and layered blog hop and really enjoyed it. Everyone made really beautiful bracelets. You have inspired me to give it a try. But, I was looking at your older posts and came across this one. We are going to Costa Rica in about a month and it is so very different than any vacation we have gone on. We are going to Tamarindo, flying into Liberia. So that must be sort of close to were you went. We are really looking forward to it. Your pictures are amazing, all of the color and different animals. Thanks for the sneak peak!

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