Rustic Heart Leather Bracelet & Picnik No More!

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Soft faceted pinks and browns topped with a rustic sterling silver heart.  Framed with soft leather.

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Are You Going To Miss Picnik Too?

If you use Picnik like I do to edit photos, you’ve probably noticed they are shutting down operations on April 19th.  When I got the email saying it was going away – I was seriously sad.  I have really grown to like Picnik for making collages and adding text to photos.  Currently, I only use two programs to edit my photos.  Picnik & iPhoto – which comes with all Mac computers.

I wonder if Google had this end in mind when they bought Picnik less than 2 years ago?  They say they are going to incorporate some of the Picnik features into a product they have in beta phase called Google+.  I don’t really understand Google+.  It looks like just another social media sharing platform to me.  The photo portion of it appears to be Picassa and  I would imagine that is where they are going to add some of the Picnik features.  I guess we will see.

The closing of Picnik is my new motivation to learn Photoshop.    I’ve had Elements on my computer for well over a year now.  I am also considering investing in Lightroom – another Adobe photo editing program.  I’m not sure.


I’m curious.  Do you use a photo editing program?  Which one (s) do you use?



  1. I was saddened by the closing of picnic too. Just like you, all I used were Picnik & iPhoto. Thankfully my hubby bought me Photoshop Elements 10 this past Christmas & I am slowly learning it. There is a guy on YouTube, Digital Goulash, that does GREAT tutorials on Photoshop.

  2. Very pretty bracelet!! I saw that Picnik was going down. I started out on Picasa and went to Photoshop Elements and love it for all my photography. I looked at Lightroom, but it seemed pretty complicated. I shoot all my landscape fotoz in RAW and love Elements for bringing that “negative” to what was in my “mind’s eye”!! I hope you will like Elements too!! If I can ever help with what I know, please give me a shout!

  3. Like you I am very sad to see picnik going bye-bye. Being a bit computer challenged I have found it very user friendly. I have not tried any other products and really don’t want to invest alot.
    Hoping some other artisans have suggestions.

    Stacy Hartis
    Sissy & Jack’s

  4. I use Picasa. It is usually all I need. As an IT professional, I have access to Paint Shop Pro at work, but for the most part, Picasa is all I need if I take my photos in natural light!

  5. I received this petition to help convince Picnik to reconsider shutting the site down. Maybe once they see all the names, they will decide to keep it up.

    Love your site..!

  6. I use Picasa to upload and archive. Picnik is very easy to use compared to other programs. I have Lightroom and it is wonderful, just more time consuming.

  7. Elements is so confusing to me. I use Microsoft Digital Image Pro AKA Digital Image Suite but don’t know if you can use it on a Mac. It is SO easy to use – never even looked at a book and you can do most things you can do in Elements but so much easier IMO. has some really fun photo effects for individual photos.

  8. By the way, that bracelet is COOL! Love that concept.

  9. That bracelet is absolutely awesomely, creatively, gorgeous!!! Personally, I love Photoshop Elements. But, years ago, I worked in graphics design and the drop down menu’s used in elements are so similar to other adobe products that it “came back to me”. It can be confusing, but once you “get it” it is an awesome program. Best of luck to you!

  10. For those of your readers who can take a good solid photograph that only needs cropping … try using the Windows Photo Gallery (is on my Windows on my PC) … there are several options for minor fixes. I have started using it all the time. Easy squeezy japanezy! and free.

  11. Beautiful and very interesting bracelet! That looks technical! Keep us posted on photo programs, please!

  12. I was totally sad about Picnik too! We do have (and sometimes use) Picassa, but I have found the photo editing options to be sub par. I’m NOT an expert in photo editing, so it’d be nice if the Picnik team could make Picassa better. We shall see…
    Until then, I am editing photos on Picnik like crazy! 🙂

  13. I was shocked when I received the e-mail about PicNik closing! I have used it since it began and will definitely miss it. Please post about your experiences with new photo editing software, I am trying to find a new one to use as well! And, I am right there with RachelB. I will be using the heck out of PicNik until they close! 🙂

    • Please see if you have Windows Live Photo Gallery (or some name similiar) on your computer. It has good editing tools and is easy to use.

  14. Hey Tracy! What a gorgeous bracelet. I love the colors with the pops of pink, combined with the leather. I’m sad about Picnik closing too! 🙁 I always used PSE exclusively, but admit there is SO much more that I need to learn….so I love using both PSE and Picnik combined. Guess I’ll figure out how to use another user-friendly program. Keep us posted on your thoughts!

  15. I use PhotoShop, Picasa, and Pixlr but now it takes me forever. Before I could do it all with Picnik.

  16. hi!
    i found you through pinterest and stopped by here to check out your other bracelets, anyways, i saw that you are missing picnik too, here is another site that is similar

    i haven’t totally played around on here yet, but i will be soon. hopefully it will help you out too 🙂

  17. Hi there,

    Check out PicMonkey, it’s a new photo project being built by a few former Picnikers so it’s sure to feel just like home. I’m part of the team and would be happy to answer any of your questions and would love to hear your feature requests!


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