What’s Going on Down There?

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The title of this post sounds like a title from one of those “What the Yuck?!” articles you would read in any of a number of popular women’s magazines – doesn’t it?!   I am actually referring to my jewelry studio down in the basement.  When I am pounding away on something – my daughter has been known to say “What’s going on down there Mommy?”

This is my jewelry studio.  Dark room.  No natural light.  One tiny window (that’s under a deck).  A generally uninspiring space.  The only room in the house that has not had any decorating attention.  One day  I will organize, fix it and give it the attention it deserves.  One day.  If only I could stop making jewelry long enough to focus on it!

For Bead Table Wednesday, I took a few quick shots of my messy space and my bead table where I have a few things going that I need to get done fast before spring break starts.  We are headed down to Florida during break to visit my parents for a few days.


Through the door.  I like to see the girls when I first walk in.

To the right some wood that is going to turn into an installation with hooks, knobs and nails to hang jewelry on.   I am going to stain it with a colored opaque stain so the wood shows through.  The idea is still forming.  That wood is sitting there so it bugs me to get it done.  The Tonsu chest is an antique piece from my husband’s grandmother.  It dates back to the late 1800’s.  This little chest holds all my jewelry making magazines, lots of wood beads, fabrics, ribbons and silk sari yarn and my Vintaj Big Kick machine and supplies.



There it is.  The main beading table.  What a mess – right?!  I am an organized person if you were to look around the rest of my house – but my bead room,  I just can’t seem to keep it clean and organized.  Pictures taped on the wall of some of the jewelry that inspires me from other artists.  I obviously started this before Pinterest!   I have a huge pile of pictures on the floor of other inspiring pictures that need to go on the boards and on the wall.  My bead  boxes haphazardly stacked at my feet so I can grab them easily.   I dream of them being on a shelving unit that is built over my work table.

Turquoise beads and waxed linen that quickly need to become a bracelet to fulfill an order!


Some beads for necklaces and earrings in the works.  A finished macrame bracelet I made for myself, on top of the leather spool.


That’s how my beading space looks these days.  If you’re interested in what’s on the table of other beaders, visit Heather Power’s BTW Flickr Group.


Thanks to everyone who signed up for the Wrapped, Stacked & Layered Challenge.  It is going to be so much fun!  You still have until April 2nd, if you want to sign up.  Leave a comment here if you want to sign up and have not had a chance yet.












  1. Your bead room still looks great! Mine is part of our office and not inspiring at all but I’m working on it. I love those clear crystals in the last picture, can you tell me who sells them stringed like that. Thanks ps I love this blog and your bracelets 🙂

    • Hi Connie. I have only purchased the quartz crystals from the Intergem show that come once a quarter to my area. Sorry – I don’t know the name of the vendor I purchased from. Bead shows are the best for getting great beads like this. If you want some to try out – I am willing to share my stash. Let me know if you want some of them. I don’t think I can use them all. Tracy

  2. That actually looks much more organized than my space! I think I need to just chuck mine all in a box and start over. Not sure how I can put it all away now! I love that chest of drawers. Great space you have! Enjoy the day.

  3. Hi Tracy !I like your beading table and in not a mess. I am sure that you know where is everything.

  4. First off – LOVE your ‘girls’ – they’re awesome! And so’s your studio, even though you think it’s dark, I’m sure it’s wonderful to have a place dedicated to your passion. We moved into a house a few years back and it’s minus one room from what we were used to, so I’m in our bedroom in a corner now,…but I have to admit that I do have an awesome view of our yard and lake,…so there’s the trade-off! 😉

  5. Tracy,

    Your room looks pretty organized! Mine is a huge mess!! You would die if you saw my main table, I should send you a picture—it’s crazy. Thanks for giving me motivation to go clean up a bit! And I love the inspiration pics you have on the wall – another great idea!

    You have an awesome blog & are very creative!!!


  6. Hi Tracy,

    I love the bracelets you’ve posted, they’re a great inspiration. I’m working on setting up my own jewelry studio and I have a question: in the picture of your worktable with the storage box that has the turquoise beads in it…where did you get that storage box? I’ve been looking around but so far all the storage boxes I find have very small compartments, the compartments on yours look like the perfect size I want. Thanks!

    • Hi Cathy. I am pretty sure that is the least expensive box that Michaels sells. It is in the bead section at my store.

      • Thanks for the quick response…I’ll check there on my next trip.

  7. What about the white board on your table with the nails? Do you somehow use it for making your wrap bracelets? I don’t like to use a clipboard and binder clip because it puts a dent in the leather. I need a better way that will work on a multi-wrap leather bracelet. Any ideas? Thank you!

  8. I do use it for one style of wrap bracelet stitch I do. However, you still have to clip the leather to the at least one nail just like the clip board so it can also leave little marks. Lately, I have been putting some tape in my clip so it sticks to the clip and provides enough protection to minimize any “bite” marks from the clip on the leather. Hope this idea helps. A little bit of thicker tape like electrical or duct tape will do the trick.

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