Wrapped, Stacked & Layered Challenge: REVEAL

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It’s Here!

Reveal Day for the Wrapped, Stacked & Layered Challenge.

 If you are new, read this post to see how this challenge started & the guidelines for creating bracelet stacks.

I’m excited to share with you almost 80 different bracelet makers who have wrapped, stacked and layered bracelets with incredible enthusiasm. You will see many different styles represented from jewelry making hobbyists and crafters to full time artists and jewelry designers located around the United States and abroad.  Click on the links below to visit their blogs, Pinterest boards and gallery pages to see their creations.

Thank you to all the participants for creating your bracelets, styling them, stacking them, photographing them and posting for everyone to see.  Your work is greatly appreciated.

I’ll get us started with a few of my favorite stacks!

Classic, Uptown Stack

Top to bottom:  1. Delicate brass bangle I created with an artisan sterling silver flower wire wrapped on the sides.  2. Shell and wood stretch bracelet that a friend gave me years ago when she returned from a tropical vacation.  3. Sterling silver link chain I purchased at a recent bead show where I added a large silver toggle to wear as a bracelet layering piece.  4. Double wrap sterling silver nugget bracelet with faceted electroplated black and gold beads.  This is a current favorite bracelet that layers well with many things.


Bright! Celebrate Summer Stack


Top to bottom: 1. Ugandan paper beads on memory wire with silver spacers.  2. Upcycled leather bracelet with brass chain and faceted pyrite beads.  3. Ruby impression jasper stretch bracelet with chocolate brown cotton cord and silver nugget accents.  I’m not sure I’d wear them all together in reality, but it made for a colorful stack to photograph!


Dash of Color, Rustic Stack


 Top to bottom: 1.  Upcycled leather strap bracelet with textured, patinated copper disc. 2.  Artisan Sterling silver and copper rivet cuff bracelet made by well known artist Gail Golden. 3. Woven shamballa style bracelet with faceted agates and button closure.


Sunset Beach Reverse Stack

Top to bottom: 1.  Braided leather cord with fresh water pearls and hand forged button.  2. Reverse stitch beaded wrap bracelet with faceted agates.  3.  Reverse stitch beaded wrap bracelet with faceted brass beads.  Do you see the tape I used to help keep this stack straight to photograph?  Oops!  : )


Giveaway Notes!

I am going to pick a winner from the list of participants to receive a brand new video tutorial I am completing where I will take  you step-by-step with me as I show you how to make the reverse stitch, beaded wrap bracelets in the picture above.  It is a totally new and different technique than the usual ladder stitch wrap bracelet!  It will a part of a new video workshop series I am working on.   I will announce the winner in an upcoming post and a 2nd giveaway opportunity.  But more on that soon!


Get going & head to the arm party!  Have fun  – but be careful – it might get kind’a crazy out there!










  1. Hi Tracy,
    First thank you for hosting this wonderful challenge. It was fun making the bracelets for this challenge.
    I like your stakes of bracelets. My favorite out of all of your stackes is the Ugandan paper bead bracelet I love all the bright and cheery colors.

  2. Tracy – Love the color combos of your collections.
    I love wearing bracelets and all the possibilities of mixing and matching ~ endless.
    Congratulations on putting this together. It will be fun visiting all the sites today.

  3. Yes, thank you Tracy for hosting this, it was so much fun for me. Ok, HOLY SMACKREL! Blew me down, my head is spinning. These are the most awesome bracelets I’ve ever seen. Girl, you got it going on.

  4. Gorgeous! Thanks so much for hosting Tracy. I particularly love the SUmmer stack – such lovely colours and textures.

  5. I dub thee Queen of the Bracelets! Your bracelet stacks are so beautiful … like a tiara for your wrist! Thank you for hosting this challenge and for inspiring me to think in layers …

  6. These are wonderful… Was hoping to participate but just realized I missed your email about my web site! So sorry!!! Next time 🙂

  7. Tracy, thanks for organizing this really fun challenge– so different from others in that there are no constrictions on what you can do! I love it! Your work is wonderful– I’m mostly a polymer person so I don’t know all the fabulous jewelry makers out there but I’m glad to have found you. And your photos are amazing– gotta have a convo with you sometime about how you do that. I’d also love to talk to you about a collaboration on some stacks– I still make beads. Again, thanks!

  8. Beautiful, love all the different styles. Tracy, thanks for hosting. It would be fun to get the dc area gals together and have a bracelet making gathering.

  9. Tracy, your bracelet stacks are beautiful! I love the colors and variety of styles! Thank you for hosting such a fun hop! Have a great weekend.

  10. Thanks Tracy for hosting this event. It was so much fun. I love the stacks that you came up with. I am particularly fond on the paper bead memory wire and the upcycled leather strap with copper disc.

  11. Wow, your bracelets are gorgeous! I really really like the Sunset Beach Reverse Stack in particular …

    Thanks for hosting this great challenge (and yay, I’ve done my first challenge/blog hop!!), was great fun, and stretched me to my limits!

  12. I can’t even pick a favorite, they are all so wonderful! thank you for hosting this blog hop, what a blast!! I can’t wait to see what everyone has made! Happy Hopping!

  13. They are all so beautiful…the last stack is me! I thought about duck tape haha!! Thanks so much for hosting this…..it made me take a look at my jewelry and play with it to make it look new again. Now I have more ideas than time….that seems to happen a lot!

  14. LOVE all of your bracelets. Always inspiring! Thanks!!

  15. Tracy, thank you for hosting this super fun challenge and blog hop! You are amazing!! Just look at all of these beautiful variations of stacked bracelets. I’d have fun wearing all of them! I really like how you mixed both handmade and purchased bracelets – that is perfect. And what really makes each so stunning is the mix of color and texture. My absolute favorite is the Sunset Beach collection – so you and so beautiful!!

  16. Wow, I’m really impressed, love them all! So many different possibilities I never thought about. You’ve opened my eyes to stacking bracelets. Thanks for hosting this awesome challenge!

  17. Tracy, thanks so much for hosting this event! I can’t wait to start checking out everyones creations. Your bracelets are beautiful! I love your “Celebrate Summer” stack! You have inspired me to use my paper beads! (And also to make some paper beads of my own … I haven’t done any since I was a kid!)
    Thanks again, and have a great weekend … I gotta get on to “blog hopping!!”

  18. oh WOW!! incredible talented artisans!! each bracelet lights up the world in a unique way!!

    Thanks so so much for sponsoring this challenge and inviting us to participate …


  19. Such great stacks Miss Tracy! I love that first one. I don’t have a lot of bracelets and when I sign up for a challenge I make it even harder on myself 😉 so I made them all. But I think I am no longer wrist-challenged, so thanks for kicking off my intervention!
    This was fun.
    Off to hop the next few days.
    Enjoy the day.

  20. Tracey, thank you very much for hosting this challenge. I love what you have done you have a mix of casual and elegant. I think my favorite is Sunset Beach reverse stack.

  21. Awesome!! I love them all especially the last stack!! Thank you for putting together such a fun challenge…it helped me with my story telling – meaningful blog posts!! 🙂

  22. They are all lovely! The paper beads bring back childhood memories of making them from magazine pages. The beach stack is my favourite!

  23. Those are fantastic! I can’t decide which are my favorites!

  24. LOVED LOVED LOVED this challenge – it got me going on some ideas rolling around in my head for quite a while!Love that first set it has some nice “new vintage” look to it with the shiny metal and Mother of Pearl – great contrasts!Have fun hopping!

  25. I would wear the Bright! stack in a heartbeat.
    Really creative combinations, Tracy.
    Your style is right up my alley.

    Thank you so much for a great challenge!

  26. These bracelets are so gorgeous, I want to try to make every one. I especially love the Bright and Sunset Beach stacks. Lovely job, everyone!

  27. Thanks for hosting this challange and getting me motivated. I usually make jewelry but for some reason never wear it (lack of confidence I guess), but I’ve received some really nice feedback.

    My favorite stacks of yours are the Sunset Beach Reverse stack – LOVE IT and the Celebrate Summer – so much color. Just wonderful.

  28. this was a great challenge idea, I hope you do it again! I really like the simmer stack, I think you sghould try it on & give it a wear,it’s so cheery! Thanks again for hosting, now I’m off to hop

  29. This was so very fun & I’m inspired again to make stacks.I really like your sunset beach stack. Thank you, Tracy for the fun hop…I can’t wait to see everyone’s creations.

    Gallery 13

  30. Tracy, this was one of the most fun and exciting beading events I’ve ever participated in! Awesome idea and I appreciate the time and effort it took to put it together. I’m loving the different bracelet collections you put together. Each one represents a unique and different fashion style…and no matter what the occasion, you’ve got a bracelet stack for it! This really does showcase you eye for fashion, style and design.

  31. Thanks so much for all your hard work and effort. This is the first blog hop I have been involved in and I must say I am enjoying it very much…a really fun way to spend this saturday….and also a great opportunity to see others fine work…your bracelets are wonderfull…..love the copper/leather one…oh boy more things to try…
    lovin the bangles!

    Cynthia @ Beatnheart

  32. Hi Tracy, thanks for hosting this fun hop, i really enjoyed the challenge. Your bracelets are fabulous, all so gorgeous, but I love the last stack the most…those beachy colors are me!

  33. Hi Tracy! Thank you so much for hosting this challenge! I Love love love your bracelet stacks. And the very first bracelet in the first stack, I think, is my absolute favorite… It’s simple and beautiful. It’s hard to pick one because all your bracelets are just gorgeous.

    Thank you again, Tracy!!!

  34. Thanks so much for hosting this fun, fun challenge, Tracy. It’s quite a ride to see how creative everyone was in meeting it. A big fan of leather, so I gotta say that while they are all great, I’m partial to the third stack.

  35. Your examples are gorgeous and so very inspiring! I adore the color combinations you came up with and seriously cannot pick a favorite stack. I don’t know how I missed the opportunity to get in on this challenge, but I’m having a lot of fun hopping around to all the great bracelet ideas.

  36. Sunset Beach is my favorite!

  37. Hi Tracy! Thanks for this challenge…I no longer dread making bracelets. This was alot of fun and I’m still blog-hopping around enjoying all the eye & wrist candy!

  38. This was really fun, thanks for hosting. I have to tell you my favorite bracelet in all your stacks is the braided one. I have no idea why, I just love it though. And no, I can’t see the tape even after I read that it’s there.

  39. This is the first time I’ve taken part in this kind of crafting challenge. I had a whole lot of fun and want to thank you especially for the email you sent out with lots of great tips on styling, photography etc. I’ll be sure to sign on for the next challenge 🙂
    Oh, and I loove the colors in the Sumer stack!

  40. Tracy, thank you so much for hosting this very fun and inspiring challenge. I have visited almost all posts and have been so delighted by everyone’s creativity. I enjoyed having a chance to try out some new ideas and display my arm candy too. Love your creations. All so different and fun. I enjoy getting your posts and look forward to seeing more of your work.

  41. Tracy,

    Thank you so much for hosting such a fun hop!

    Your stacks are so beautifully composed and make such beautiful wrist candy!! I’m in love with the Sunset Beach Reverse Stack, the colors are fabulous!
    Good luck with the video workshops!

  42. As I just commented over at Treasures Inspired – I am loving this blog hop! Thank you! Although I am spending waaayyy too much time browsing… need to shower ~~T

    • Ugh… meant Treasures Found… that’s why I need an option to Preview before Submitting! Sorry Erin 😉 ~~T

  43. Tracy, I love all of your stacks! Your braided leather and pearl is gorgeous and I adore the reverse stitch beaded wrap bracelets. Thank you for hosting the challenge and blog hop! I had a great time trying on my bracelets to find my favorite stack. I wish I had posted a couple of other stacks that I liked…but another time. It was fun visiting everyone’s blogs and seeing their stack designs.

    Have a great day!

  44. Love the celebrate summer stack.

  45. Love your bracelets! I’ve been stumbling across blogs on this hop all morning – very inspiring 🙂

  46. fabulous fabulous!!!!

    long list of links to check out, i will be busy………..

  47. I’m a big fan of your second and fourth bracelet.. great job! U used such nice beads for the second bracelet, were do you buy those? Ine

  48. Your bracelets are all gorgeous as expected. I love the color of the Ugandan paper beads and would wear that stack no problem. I’d wear any of your bracelets though as they are all killer! Thanks for hosting this – I’m trying to make my way to each and every site and comment as I believe every one deserves credit for all their fine work. This has been FUN!

  49. Your bracelet stacks are just wonderful. All so different and unique…colors blend, materials compliment each other, perfect in every way. I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge. Such a wonderful idea and well organized. Thank you Tracy 🙂

  50. Tracy, first off, thank you so much hosting this fun blog hop! I love bracelets, they’re one of the first accessories I grab, so this was an awesome way of finding new bracelets! And I love all of your stacks…so lovely! I’ll admit that the summer stack is my favorite though – those colors are bright and colorful, just like summer should be 🙂

  51. Tracy Ty so much for this challenge! Ur designs are beyond this galaxy & r so dang freakin beautiful stacked together, alone, whatever! I luv ur blog too!!!

  52. Tracy, I’m back from my desert paradise and catching up on all of the posts. There’s some fantastic bracelet stacks included in this hop! I got going on the bracelet making and made so many I had to buy a couple more linen bracelet holders for my next group of shows!

    Thanks for the great (and fun) challenge!

  53. Tracy, firstly a huuuge thank you for arranging this challenge and blog hop. It’s been great to hop around and see everyones stacks. So many inspiring and nice things.

    YOUR stacks are awesome. All of them. But I have to say the first one is my favorite. Those shell beads, and that twisted wire. YUM!!!!! I like that in all your stacks you have mixed chain, some fabric/fiber element, a beaded part, a metal part. You made it really work in each of them. The mix of materials.

    All my best,

  54. Sorry to not post till now Tracy – it wasn’t letting me for some reason. Thanks so much for hosting this fabulous challenge and hop – it’s been one of my favorites so far! I’m loving the ‘sunset’ stack but the ‘uptown’ ones are a close second!! And of course, your photos are perect! Love them all – thanks again!! 🙂

  55. Thanks Tracy for such a wonderful event! I love the sunset beach stack 🙂 xoxo Beth

  56. Thanks so much for hosting this blog hop, I’ve had so much fun and have seen so many great bracelets. Your Summer Uptown Stack is gorgeous and I love how you’ve used different media in all of your stacks.

  57. Tracy, Did you ever finish the reverse stitch video tutorial for the bracelet with the beads lashed to the outside of the leather?!?! I am so excited about it! Thank you!

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