Off To Bead Heaven: Bead & Button 2012

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I’m packing and making lists to get ready to leave tomorrow for a special trip home to Wisconsin.  I grew up close to Milwaukee which happens to be home to the largest consumer bead show in the world – Bead & Button.   It is like the Super Bowl of consumer bead shows.  If you are looking for unique beads, you will find them at Bead & Button!


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Bead & Button is different than other bead shows because instead of just mass amounts of metal and gemstone beads, it has numerous bead artists who exhibit and sell a huge variety of art beads made out of every material you can imagine.  I have been planning my list of all the artists I want to visit.  The list is long!


This trip is about more than beads and jewelry making supplies.


I get to meet up with more online jewelry making friends I have not met in person yet.  This is always fun!

My best long time friend from Seattle just happens to be in Milwaukee at the same time I am.  Huge coincidence!  We get to see each other, which only happens every year or so if we are lucky.

I get to see my Mom, Dad and 93 year old Grandmother.  I never get to see them enough with the distance between us.

Best of all, my Sister just had her first baby a few weeks ago and I get to see her and her beautiful new baby boy!


Beads, Beads, Beads, Mom, Dad, Grandma, Sister, Best Friend and BRAND NEW BABY!  Lots of awesomeness to fit into 5 days!  My dear husband is kind enough to indulge me and stay home and watch the kids because school is still in session.   He is a real trooper because I am missing his birthday while I am gone and he insists it is no big deal.


I will have cameras and video camera in tow.  My intention is to share some fun shots with you so you can see what the show is like!  Wish me luck – it’s easy to get caught up in it all and forget to snap pictures!  I am there Thursday night and Friday all day.  If you happen to be going –  contact me, it would be fun to say hi in person!



















  1. I, too have LOTS of family in Wisconsin! I wish you safe travels and a wonderful time!

  2. I’m also going to the Bead & Button show in Milwaukee. My sister lives in the Chicago area, so I fly up to visit her for several days this time every year and we both look forward to going to the bead show. We are both beaders. We will be there on Sat. only so I guess I’ll miss meeting you. I do love your blog and look forward to looking at your wonderful creations. Enjoy your trip!


  3. Have fun! One day, I am going to go… {sigh}

  4. Lots of good fun happening! I will look forward to seeing you again, Miss Tracy! Enjoy the day and have a safe trip! Erin

  5. Sounds like a wonderful trip! Hope you have the best time…looking forward to hearing about it!

  6. Wow – beads, friends, family and a new little one to spoil – oh,,…sounds like you’re going to be in heaven!! I think we’ll completely understand if you let a few photo opps slip through the cracks this weekend!! Enjoy yourself – sounds like it will be an amazing time! P.S. – your hubby’s a “gem” for watching the kiddos over his birthday for you! Enjoy!!

  7. Aww, sounds like such a great time!! Have fun! Looking forward to sharing thru your pictures! Patty 😉

  8. That sounds like a great time. family, friends and beads galore! Maybe next year will be my year to make it happen.. I’ll be looking forward to hearing about all the fun you had. Enjoy yourself and have a safe trip.

  9. I am attending for the first time….I know I will be amazed. I gave up my annual tractor ride with my Dad for this…we will be back to see him leave on Monday so that is still good. This year my “tractor” money will be spent on the bead floor! Hopefully we will be there Friday evening if not Saturday.


  11. Tracy- Enjoy the trip, enjoy your family, enjoy the beads and buttons! Layers of fab!!!
    I’ll have to be content with the Philadelphia bead show this summer. It’s not as great as
    your show sounds, and maybe that’s a good thing for my wallet!
    have a great time.

  12. Hi Tracy, Stop by I would love to meet you.I will have a booth#1009 turtlesoupbeads – polymer clay beads I would love to shop since its my first time at Bead and Button . I am so excited ! Have a safe trip and Happy Beading

  13. It sounds like you will be available on Friday to meet up, then. I’m flying in on Friday. I should be there in the mid-afternoon sometime. I have your number in my phone and I believe you have mine as well! I definitely want to connect with you while you are there. See you Friday!

  14. Tracy, I can’t believe the time is already here….seems like so long ago when you talked about this trip. And SO much happening all at once. Your husband is a fantastic guy…I’m sorry you’ll miss his b-day but you two can celebrate with a belated cake when you return! CONGRATS to your sister and her new baby!! It will be so much fun to meet your little nephew, along with seeing the rest of your family. I know you will have a blast. Can’t wait to hear more and see the pics. Have a safe trip and have fun!!! xoxo

  15. Sound so fun =)
    Envy you to have a such of exhibition.

  16. OMG, i would love to win anything thing from here, what awsome stuff and it would totally throw me into a comma to be able to be around all these beads, how wonderful!

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