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Interweave Press is throwing a big online blog party this weekend celebrating the launch of the book Bohemian-Inspired Jewelry: 50 Designs Using Leather, Ribbon, and Cords by Lorelei Eurto & Erin Siegel.    If you are new here – WELCOME!   I’m one of the stops on this virtual party because I had the opportunity to contribute designs for this beautiful book.


As you hop around the the party, keep your eyes open for giveaways, chances to win the book, and a chance to participate in the fun Polyvore style challenge!  You get to play stylist and assemble outfits that work with 2 necklaces from the book.  You can even win the necklaces!


You can go to for the list of 30 blog participants where you can meet the authors, the other contributors and special designer friends who rock at using leather, fiber and cords in their jewelry designs.  The party starts at Beading on Friday afternoon and continues through Sunday, June 24th.


Here is one of my bracelet designs from the book.  My favorite soft materials to work with in jewelry making are leather, waxed Irish linen and silk ribbon yarn.  This bracelet features upcycled silk ribbon yarn mixed with chain and multicolored beads.  This is a great example of how to take a simple design and add color, texture and interest simply by incorporating a unique element like upcycled silk yarn.  The book is full of page after page of colorful inspiration like this.



This book has some serious eye candy, but it is also a great resource book!  It contains lots of information on a variety of ribbons, cords, laces and leathers as well as the findings and tools that work best to put it all together!




Update:  Contest is closed.  Congratulations to the winners! 

I have a favorite source for upcycled silk ribbon yarn.  Nicole from Darn Good Yarn imports yarns and ribbons from far away places and helps women from these countries support their families while saving an incredible amount of waste from the cutting room floors of the factories that produce silk saris.  Here is a picture of two colorful bundles of upcycled ribbon yarn that Nicole has provided for me to give away.  Visit Darn Good Yarn’s Facebook page to learn more about Nicole and her beautiful yarn.


TWO people will win ONE bundle of silk ribbon that contains some of each of these lovely colors of upcycled ribbon.



Enter a comment by clicking comments at the top of this post.

 Tell me if you have used leather, ribbon or cording in your jewelry.  What is your favorite material?  If you haven’t, why not?

(Please make sure your email is turned on in comments or it is in your post so you can be contacted).


Comments will be numbered and two winners will be chosen by random number generator.  The winners will be announced here on Monday, June 25th.



Continue the party!  Enter the Polyvore challenge, visit the authors, contributors and designers by heading to

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love to use silk in my work- and I’ve recently started playing with leather.

    Congratulations on the book!!

  2. I love using silk ribbon with antique broaches to make cool jewelry with. I love leather and beads, although I need more practice to make it look feminine enough for me to wear.

  3. Love your blog! Thank you! I have only used leather and cord but would love to try the silk ribbons. Your designs are beautiful!

  4. Kudos on the new book, Tracy. Always love using leather in my designs and have experimented with silk a bit as well. The rich colors and soft texture can make a piece of jewelry sing.

  5. I love using leather cording in all kinds of colors! And brocade ribbon too

  6. Wow I would love to win this! I am using sari silk in my work and i would love to learn more about using this product. The book looks like something i could also use. Thank you for a wonderful chance at winning, it would make my day!!

  7. I’ve made wrap bracelets with leather, but my sister is buying leather cords and is making me split the order with her, so I guess i’m going to be making leather bracelets! I LOVE the look of the silk in bracelets.

  8. I use both leather and fibers a lot in my jewelry, although for different reasons. I use fibers to soften my designs, and I use leather for the opposite reason! They are both nice materials for a tactile person like myself. All in all, I would say I like leather the best.

  9. I am going to use the Sari ribbon for the first time by weaving it into a bird nest. I would love to acquire a bundle of the silk ribbons above to use it to make many more things. I am also thinking of using the ribbon for necklaces in many colors. Thank you.

  10. Luv luv this book !! Just ordered done new supplies for creations inspired by it! Looking forward to using some of that beautiful sari silk!

  11. Thanks for the giveaway the ribbon is soooooooooooo pretty. I have used all three in my jewelry and I love them all. Good Luck everyone.

  12. I have not used silk or string in my designs yet, but I am a jewelry maker and a mom of a tween who is into making her own bracelets. This would be an exciting addition for both of us to add to our supplies and designs!

  13. I don’t have my copy of the book yet, but hope to soon. I can’t wait! I have used sari ribbon, cording and leather in designs. I love the vibrant colors of sari and would love to win some!!

  14. I’ve just started making my own bracelets. So far, I’ve only used cotton, waxed cotton and hemp in designing. But, I’m starting to forray into leather. I’d love to try other materials – the ribbon is gorgeous!

  15. I have used leather, ribbon and cording in my jewelry designs. I prefer Sari ribbon because of the wonderful veriaty of colors available. I will definitely have to check out Darn Good Yarn! Love your bracelet!

  16. I haven’t made too many bracelets. But I’m anxious to make the one pictured!!! The book and the silk yarn look wonderful!!!

  17. I haven’t used any of these materials yet but am looking to venture into new territory. This giveaway would be a great start! I love your designs and really need to step out of my stringing/wire wrap box!

  18. I love to use silk fairy ribbon in my multi strand necklaces. It’s a favorite of mine to thread through chain to add interest.

  19. I love using really soft suede when I make wrapped bracelets. I love the way it feels on my wrist and it is lightweight. It also is wide enough so beads stay where I put them. I have used ribbon and cording as well, but suede is my fave! Love the silk and silver bracelet. Gorgeous color choices and the silk adds a lot of texture.

  20. I do use a lot of variety of materials in my work. I love the colors and fraying of sari silks, I have a lot of Marsha Neal’s silk cords and I am rediscovering leather and suede in all its forms, colors and sizes. I just this past week designed three pieces using the waxed linen thread and it is very intriguing. Thanks for the links to the new yarn supply shop! Congratulations on your success with this book. I am so happy for you! Enjoy the day! Erin

  21. Oh those are so pretty and vibrant. thanks for the giveaway! i would love to try this out. the book looks interesting, i will have to check it out.

  22. Tracy, I just started following you on Pinterest and love your designs. I just started working with the waxed linen and LOVE it! Haven’t tried using silk but would love the opportunity to try!

  23. I had never used fiber in my jewelry until I bought this incredible book! Since then I have used some leather cord, some suede cord, and ribbon that I snagged for $1 a roll at Michaels! I’ve been at my little “beading” desk nearly every evening creating and trying my hand at the different knots. My daughter informed me my first “knotted” bracelet was heinous!!! She said it looked disfigured, haha, she was correct. I am so inspired by the book and love the look of fabric/fiber with beads and “found” objects. Thanks so much for the chance to win the lovely ribbons.

  24. I love to use leather and waxed linen & cotton cord with glass and gemstone beads. I have not used any ribbon, but I’m inspired by your example to start!

  25. I just started making my own jewelry and have only used bamboo and hemp so far!

  26. I have the book, I LOVE the book, and looking forward to trying the projects! I have not tried ribbon yet but I can’t wait. I do love leather. Tracy, I cannot wait for your reverse stitch wrap lesson…is it coming soon?!?!

  27. I really enjoyed your sweet little bracelet in the book!
    Happy creating!

  28. I use a lot of leather and waxed cord, have not tried working with silks, my daughter and I would love the opportunity to try.

  29. I just started making bracelets with cord and beads using the square knot. It would be interesting to use upcycled silk. Love the colors of the silk in the pictures.

  30. Hi Tracy! I have used ribbon in my designs. I love the feel of it against metal. I also want to try waxed linen and leather too.

  31. I use fabric a lot, I love sari silk so much!!

  32. I love leather and ribbon! Thank you for the giveaway!

  33. I certainly use fabric, I love sari silk ribbon and organza!!

  34. I love using leather in many creations. Also, I think that ribbon and sterling silver is the best combination.

  35. I have been doing a lot of Kumihimo lately…..mostly with rattail, embroidery floss and crochet thread…..but this ribbon would be fun to try….I don’t use leather but I love Irish waxed linen…….I think I did my first wrapped bracelet after watching your video……;)

  36. I’ve used leather thong-type things a few times, but I’m dying to try a wrapped bangle or wrap-lace type bracelet. I’ve even got some great sari silk strips I haven’t played with yet.

    Thanks fo rthe inspiration, and I’ve got to look at the book.

  37. Please pick me. I have used cord and leather, but not ribbon. Love to win this lovely ribbon to give it a try. Thanks for the chance!

  38. I LOVE using sari silk in my jewelry…the amazing colors are sooo addicting! thank you for a chance to win!

  39. I love working with leather, especially mixing it with crystals. I have only used the sari ribbon once and would like to experiment more.

  40. I have used leather cording to make wrap bracelets for a few years and it is by far my favorite!

  41. I often use cord for micro-macrame; sometimes leather –silk ribbon looks lovely and colorful.

  42. Oh I love silk sari and even have some yarn from the fibers that I have used. Love the bracelet…I need to make one of these.

  43. I like to incorporate leather and sari silk in my pieces. Softens the metal a bit. 😉

  44. Thanks again for another chance to win. Silk sari ribbon is great and a wonderful cause. I am going to crochet some finger less mittens out of silk sari yarn which is neat stuff too!

  45. I have no used silk in my jewelleries yet but love to try it. Thanks for the give away. I use leathers, cords, thicker threads in my bracelets, necklaces.

  46. I haven’t tried using ribbon as of yet but it is so beautiful that I have lots of ideas bouncing in the brain..I have used hemp and sinew but I think the ribbon makes it a bit more feminine..Thank you for offering the beautiful silk ribbon…Wish me luck!!!

  47. Love the bracelet! I’ve used leather for a couple of years and have just started adding silks and other fibers into my designs. I love the texture and color they provide!

  48. I love using sari silk in my jewelry…it adds such a nice texture. I also use a lot of hemp for a different texture. I think Darn Good Yarns is a great site!!

  49. I do love your silver & silk bracelet very much and will try threading the silk through the chain links for that softer look. I did get the book and am enjoying everything about it. I have used leather, Irish waxed linen, and silk threads quite a lot and enjoy using them all. It would be fun to use the silk!

  50. My brothers ordered me the book for my birthday July 1st! Can’t wait to see all of the designs I can play with. I just got back into jewelry making recently and love working with leather for vintage and boho looks.

  51. I’ve used ribbon and have wanted to try leather, but haven’t had the right inspiration. I seriously need to get my hands on that book. It looks amazing.

  52. Tracy, the bracelet you have pictured here is one of my favorites in the book! I love it because of the colors of silk you used and the silver links are just perfect – it looks like summer for your wrist! I like to use recycled sari silk from Darn Good Yarn, too, as well as leather and waxed linen and silk cords in my designs – it just makes them fun and versatile and they’re great alternatives for people who have sensitivities to metals.

  53. Silk ribbon, silk cord and leather. This book is FABULOUS !!!!!!! A MUST HAVE!!!!!! swopemelmel @ aol dot com

  54. I have used waxed linen and have purchased ribbon to try. I am a new jewelry maker, so I don’t have a favorite – want to try it all! Also, already have the book…it is beautiful and inspiring!

  55. I have used leather and ribbon; but I love to experiment. I have been wanting to try this silk ribbon for a long time, but haven’t budgeted for it yet. It is so beautiful.

  56. Hi, I just started making bracelets a few years ago. And just started using the waxed linen a few months ago because of your wonderful blog. Trying the silk would be so fun. Thank you!

  57. I am new to making bracelets and I’ve been trying ribbon and leather. The silk ribbon looks great.


  58. I love the look of silk in jewelry! Thanks for providing the source. I’ve used leather, ribbon, and cording in my jewelry designs. I love the feel of different textures and how they hang differently. Also, when you wear something next to your skin for a while it sort of lives with you and takes on a life of it’s own. I like that 🙂 Congrats on the publication! xoxo Beth

  59. I love using various fancy yarns in my work. Thanks to this book, however, I’m thinking waxed linen is going to become my new favorite! Congrats on the book … your contributions to it are beautiful!

  60. I’ve not used silk before in bracelets, though I’ve used leather in making macrame style bracelets. So if I’m a lucky winner, I’ll get to play with a new material! Congrats on your beautiful published work!

  61. I have used ribbon and a little leather but not much.

  62. Funny you should have this giveaway – I was just telling my sister about the sari yarn/ribbon for bracelets. I am “exploring” making wrap bracelets and using the sari yarn. Haven’t started anything yet (I think the “fear of failing” bug is playing with my psyche!)but definitely want to try this medium. Thanks for the giveaway!

  63. New to jewerly making…looking forward to trying the silk ribbon and leather…love the more natural materials.

  64. Hey Giiiirrrrll!
    Oooh great giveaway!
    Thank you so much for participating in the blog event this weekend! And thanks for being a part of our book- your work truly shines!
    I am inspired but that silk- I may have to dig mine out this weekend!

  65. Just retired from teaching and would love to get into something like this!

  66. I love using natural materials in my projects. From leather and hemp to silk and silver. I love it all!

  67. What FUN colors and textures in this silk give-away!!
    Leather has been my favorite cording thus far, but I so delight in learning of new products and inspiration for using them! THANK YOU all for your wonderful ideas!!
    Joyful blessings……..~Sandie

  68. I use some leather in my designs as well as satin cord. I would love to add in some silk ribbons and have started drawing some designs to begin incorporating ribbon regularly.

  69. I love using leather and silk ribbon, but I love using leather the most to make bracelets.

  70. Have only used leather once in a bracelet, but am ready to venture into using leather, silks, ribbons….thanks for the giveaway!

  71. This looks like a fabulous book with some great design ideas! I have never used any type of fiber or cording in my jewelry because I’m not sure how to do it. I guess that means I need to buy the book!

  72. “Sari Summer” truly captures that summer feeling with the colors and the sari floating through it! ongratulations on the success of the new book! I started with leather and broadened out into sari silk and silk cords. Irish waxed linen is also great to work with!

  73. Wow, I love the new book, I have it! I’ve just started using recycled sari silk ribbon from Darn Good Yarn! I also just received waxed Irish linen and waxed cotton cording and absolutely love it 🙂 It’s so much fun using different materials in my work! Congratulations on the Book, it’s the best book I have even bought! Happy Beading, Laurie

  74. I’ve used waxed cotton, embroidery thread and leather mostly in bracelets. I love the feel of natural fibers. Thanks for the opportunity.

  75. I have used leather & waxed linen, but I am really looking forward to using sari silk!

  76. I love using sari silk ribbon in my jewelry. I will have to check out this new resource. I have also used leather and cording; but silk ribbon is my favorite because of all the wonderful colors that gives me more variety to choose from. Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful ribbon.

  77. I’ve been using leather for a while, and have just started using sari silk and ribbon. Love it! The book is gorgeous isn’t it? You must be so proud and pleased to be part of it!

  78. I’ve mostly used cord and waxed linen (my jewelry making goes back to the 70’s and macramé!) but I’ve been eying the beautiful silk ribbons you use. I have this book and I can vouch for the eye candy…makes you want to try each piece.

  79. I am just starting so have been practicing with thin woven ribbons in beautiful blue colors! I love to work with semiprecious stones to add to my bracelets
    Jan C

  80. Beautiful bracelet! I have used leather and some silk cord in my jewelry. I really like the silk cord, it just adds a special element to the piece of jewelry.

  81. Hey Tracy!
    Am really enjoying this party! And bummed that I did not know about it before to join in. I LOVE the book!

    As for the materials: I have used leather, waxed linen cord, yarn, floss, suede, ribbon, lace, you name it, I have done it! Just have not used sari ribbon yet, only because the choices are so many, I am not sure what to buy! My favorite is the waxed linen cord, followed by lace.

  82. I’ve not tried silk ribbons but think it would be an amazing idea!

  83. I have used both leather and ribbon, though not as much as I would like to, it is still new territory for me. I have the book and I hope that I will become more comfortable using fibers in my designs.

  84. I’m just getting back into fiber jewelry making, and I adore recycled sari silk ribbon! I would love to win this giveaway! Thanks bunches for the chance!

  85. I love using anything and everything in my designs. I have tried silk ribbons, leather, cording, and waxed linen and love them all! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  86. I love silk in any form!

  87. I have used all three but i think leather is my fav. I am still learning though…I did purchase some sari silk from darn good yarn and have used it a little in my designs. would love to win more. thanks for sharing

  88. I have just started to use silk ribbon when making wire-crochet necklaces to finish off the necklace and tie it (rather than using beads and clasps).

  89. I love the silk ribbon. I use quite a bit of leather cording in my jewellry making.

  90. What a great giveaway! I have always wanted to try sari silk. I just started using cording and leather.

  91. I have just started to make bracelets again and can’t stop. Bohemian is my style…goes back to the 60’s in Ca. I love silk and silver it is my obsession.

  92. I’ve used all three in my work, and really enjoy all of them. Thanks so much for this giveaway! Very generous and love those colors!

  93. I just started making bracelets just a few months ago. I first started using a cotton cord and I am now using leather. Would love to try the sari silk. Very pretty!

  94. I use leather cord a fair amount but I LOVE waxed linen for macrame and braiding.

  95. I’ve just started playing around with making jewelry as I wanted to have more bracelets and earrings. Used the leather and beads to make a couple of wrap bracelets. Would love to try the Sari Silk. Looks fabulous!

  96. Recently I started to use T-shirt ribbons from left overs in the factories.
    The look of sari ribbons is, however, a bit more extravagant. Very nice to look at.

  97. I love leather cording and absolutely love the bracelet you did above with the satin ribbon. I so want this book! I have mostly made necklaces but want to do more bracelets now and I love the samples I have seen from the book.

  98. I have started using waxed linen and waxed cotton and am having great fun with with. i hope to move on to ribbon!
    Alice Howe

  99. I use leather, Irish waxed linen & macramé cord in my jewelry. I haven’t used sari silk yet, but I would love to try it. When I was looking for a how-to video a while back, I found your blog – & I love it.

  100. Oh my that silk is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I am new to bracelet making, I made my first bracelet a couple of months ago after finding you on pinterest. The bug has definitely bit me. I have been using the waxed Irish linen like you recommended and I love how when you knot it, how it’s knotted for good. Looking forwarded to trying new stuff!!! Exspecially SILK!!! woohoo!!! Thanks for all your

  101. My mind is whirling with ideas for this beautiful silk ribbon and would love the chance to win. Thanks so much for that opportunity!

  102. Yes I have used leather,waxed linen, & silk in my jewelry. I ordered Bohemian Jewelry from interweaves hurt book sale & it arrived Thursday. How lucky is that, just in time for this party. I am impressed with this book.

  103. I love combining the sari ribbons and leather textures with chain! Very excited about the new Bohemian Inspired Jewelry book. Can’t wait to see it!!!

  104. I am using leather and fiber in my jewelry but want to try more cord and macrame too. I love this book and am a big fan of the authors and of you too. Would love a chance to win something… just once… I can dream of all the beautiful things I would make if I did. Thanks.

  105. Oh my gosh Tracey,
    Thank you so much for the inspiration. I’ve been using leather, waxed linen & silks after I developed fibromyalgia. A8long with it came multiple chemical sensitivites. Those textiles are so fun to play with & they won’t break me out with a rash!! I love, love, love using natural multi facited stones & metalic embrioidery floss & raw fibers infused with fower petals. I encorperate knitted & chrochet bikinies & pretty little halter tops along with gypsy skirts then top it off with matching jewelry! I love wearing them to work because I litterally get to sell the clothes right off my back. I joined Nicoles, Darn Good Yarns several years ago. I’ve always been afraid to order anything online especially textiles with out actually getting to touch & feel it up close. But now after seeing what you all have done here, I’m pretty excited. I can’t wait to see the rest of your book! Thanks again fr the inspiration.

  106. Hi,
    What a great giveaway! Normaly I often use leather for bracelets.. I love black leather for winter, but there rate also vibrant colors for summer! love it! I would love to try the ribbon in for example bracelets but in Belgium I don’t find these nice colors.. I would love to win those 🙂

  107. I love using silk ribbon with antique broaches to make cool jewelry

  108. I recently purchased some leather but I haven’t had the chance to try it yet.

  109. I use sari silk and leather all the time in my designs. Love them both!

  110. I have used leather and silk ribbon in my creations. I’m always eager to see what beautiful designs others come up with!

  111. I have just recently started using leather, used leather from belts. I haven’t used cording and I would LOVE to try something in ribbon. So, leather has to be my favorite right now. Thank you.

  112. I have used leather and waxed linen in my beading projects. I love trying new mediums for inspiration and this book would be great to learn from. I’m very interested in learning how to incorporate silk into my work. Thanks for sharing so much on your blog!!

  113. I’ve used leather and cord; planning on playing with ribbon in the near future. So far cord is my favourite!

  114. I use waxed linen and waxed cotton all the time!

  115. Hi there, not sure if I still have time to comment. I have used ribbon in necklaces, but not in bracelets. I would love to give it a try 😀 thanks!!

  116. I’m always so drawn to the jewelry you make. You brought a fresh, fashion-forward look to our book with your designs. I’ve heard lots of comments around describing the designs in the book as hip and stylish. And looking as though they could have come straight out of a high-end fashion catalog. I’m so thrilled it is being perceived that way. The way it was intended. Thank you so much for being apart of it with us!

  117. Tracy, not sure how I missed this post. While you all were away at B&B, my copy of the book came and I just poured over it, page by page. It is so beautiful, every single page. You, the other contributors, the authors and Interweave really put together an amazing book that stands out on my bookshelf. Talk about beautiful inspiration! Your projects are beautiful, Tracy!

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