4th of July Bracelet Sample Sale

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Happy 4th of July!


To celebrate and clean out my studio, I am selling some of my sample pieces of jewelry or pieces of jewelry I’ve made for display, blogging, blog hops, challenges, publication, etc.  Pieces that may or may not have made it to the store before.  20% off through this Friday, July 6th.


 Click here to go to the store:  Tracy Statler Designs

Have a safe, wonderful day with your family and friends today.  I hope it’s filled with fun, good food, fireworks and a moment or two to reflect on the incredible freedoms & choices we have as Americans.

We are getting ready to head to San Francisco next week to meet up with my husband’s 14 & 16 year old Niece & Nephew from New Zealand who are visiting the U.S. for the first time without their parents.  They are staying with my husband’s parents.   I can’t wait to see them again and experience a little bit of America through their eyes.


I will be visiting a very unique bead store in San Francisco.  Very old.  It is only open a few days a week.  Major treasure trove.  I sort of think of it as going on an archaeological dig for beads.  I am looking forward to sharing that with you!










  1. How do I get to the sample sale? I’ve clicked on most everything here and nothing takes me to where I can see/purchase.

    • I was able to get through by clicking on the ad on the right side just under the red “follow me on Pinterest” button

      • Hi Gals. Sorry about not making that important detail clear! There was a link on the sidebar where my store button always sits -but I added a link right in the post. Thanks for helping out!

    • Hi Bobbie. There is a store button in the right sidebar – but I forgot to add a link in the post too. : ) I updated it. Thanks for catching me.

  2. Bobbi, I got there by first clicking the link at the top of the blog post that says shop jewelry making tools and then on that page scroll down till you see sample sale in the far right column…there you will be shopping!! Good luck!

  3. Hi Bobbie, click on the sample sale pic over on the right side under the pinterest icon.

  4. You are traveling again to one of my favorite cities – San Francisco! I hope you have a great time and happy bead shopping!

  5. Tracy, thanks for the Sample Sale. I found a piece I couldn’t resist! 🙂
    Have a safe flight to CA and have FUN! I know you will… what fun to meet up with your niece and newphew. Wow, they are traveling a LONG way to get here! That bead shopping excursion sounds like so much fun – wish I could go to that shop! Can’t wait to see pictures. Happy 4th to you and your family!

  6. wonderful sample sale. I hope you have fun w/your niece and nephew and please do share w/us all the goodies from the bead store in SFO – oh my, it sounds likes it’s gonna be a little slice of heaven!

  7. Hey Tracy, I have something for you here: http://sadafulee.blogspot.com/2012/07/i-got-me-award.html

    • HI Kashmira. OMG! I am sorry this took awhile for me to see. Thank you so much. Your jewelry is pretty awesome too and it means a lot that you are giving me this award! I am so glad I could inspire you.


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