How To Make Wire Wrapped Loop Clusters

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I have been playing with a little add on to the usual wire wrapped loop and I’m getting ready to make lots of jewelry pieces with different variations of these wire wrapped clusters.

It’s an addition to the standard wire wrapped loop you would use to join beads into a chain for a bracelet or necklace. Adding two beads per section of wire and a dangle bead in the center of the double beaded wire wrapped loop adds a look of fullness and interest.  This cluster configuration works well with round beads of at least 10 – 12mm.  It would work with other shaped beads as well.  There are countless possibilities.

You could also make a great necklace.  Imagine a string of brightly colored clusters attached to long cording,  ribbon or silk!  Several of these bracelets layered together in different fun colors of the same size bead would look really great together and work with the current color blocking trend.

I’m assuming you know how to make and connect wire wrapped loops already.  If not, there are quite a few videos out there that do a good job of showing you the basics.  Here is a video that shows some of the basics from Beadaholique.


If you are good with wire wrapped loops, then this is the easiest way to assemble the clusters.

Make All Your Wire Wrapped Dangles First!

1)  Cut about 2.5 inches of wire.  I used 24 gauge wire  to fit through the glass pearls I used in this bracelet.

2)  Create a tiny loop at one end of the wire and string the bead on the wire.  You could use headpins too – but I like using wire and I like the look of the tiny loops at the end.

3)  Create a wire wrapped loop on the other side of the bead.

4) Make as many as you need for the length of your bracelet or necklace.


Make Your Double Wire Wrapped Loop Sections to be Connected Together

1)  Cut about 4 inches of wire depending on the size of your beads.  Make a wire wrapped loop on one end.  Slide on one bead, one dangle and the second bead.

2)  Start the second loop on the other side of the section and attach to the next wire wrapped loop and so on.

3)  Continue as many times as you need to complete your project.

4)  Attach your clasp of choice.  I love magnetic clasps.  Note:  magnetic claps can not be worn if you have in implanted medical device such as a pacemaker.

That’s it!

I hope that provides a little inspiration.

Have fun.  Time to get back to my other projects so perhaps I can get some sleep tonight.  I had no less than 5 five year olds running around my house today so I did not get much accomplished today!




  1. Cool looking bracelet. But………. wouldn’t it be ten zillion times easier and faster to make the dangles first, then thread them between the two beads, then do the last wire wrap? That’s how I’d do it.

  2. I just love that. Thank you for your wonderful information.
    I really enjoy your blog.

  3. Tracy, what a *great* design! My mind is just racing with different possible combinations.

    I have two optional additions:

    (1) use a jumpring in between the beads, then attach a regular looped bead to the jumpring. This would especially work for beginners who are just learning to make loops.

    (2) Make the wrapped loops separately once you know the magic spot on your pliers, then add them between the two pearls. I know that would help me get my wraps looking the best. Sometimes my wraps aren’t the best looking things when attaching them directly! Thanks for sharing your idea.

  4. Ooohhhhh! What a wonderful technique! Personally, I am loving all the dangles! Thanks so much for sharing this technique so clearly! Love it!

  5. Great ideas and I love to wire wrap. Also love the idea of magnetic closures, so easy to do all by yourself.

  6. Fun! I need to make more bracelets!!

  7. This looks great Tracy, will have to try it! Thanks for sharing …

  8. I’m always so happy when you add a new tutorial or tip! My wrists thank you.

  9. So pretty and delicate! Great post!

  10. Where would I shop to find the magnetic closures??

    • Hi Bonnie.

      If you scroll down to the bottom of this page, these are some of my favorite silver plated (more economical) magnetic clasps. You can search around Amazon for other finishes or sterling silver ones as well. Amazon carries quite a few.

  11. Tracy, this is such a pretty design. I’ve never seen anything like it – with the additional pearl drop between the other two – I just love it!

  12. I love anything dangly!

  13. wow superb design..really stunning design..really love this bracelet..thanks for sharing.


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