New Stitched Round Leather Cord: Great for Fall Bracelets

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When the first signs of fall arrive,  it’s a great time to think about making leather bracelets.   They are perfectly in style for the cooling weather and are simple to make with the right materials and a few hints.

Suede especially reminds me of fall.  In the past, if you wanted to use suede in jewelry making, your options were  limited to different thicknesses of flat suede lace.  Not any more!

I have always ordered my leather cord from Leather Cord USA because their product is consistently high quality and they offer the widest selection of product, sizes and fashionable colors.   They recently sent me some of their brand new stitched round leather cord and some neat leather clasp findings to play around with.   The perfectly round shape of the new leather works so well for bracelet making and the stitching adds a unique and pretty detail.  The stitched cord is available in both suede and smooth leather,  in 2.5 & 5mm diameters.

The round stitched cord makes a big impact doubled up and glued in different types of clasps made for leather cording, which you can also find on their site.  You can create a simple, cleanly styled bracelet, combine different colors of leather  together or add different beads and embellishments for more a custom, artisan look.  Any way you choose, these bracelets are so comfortable to wear and are perfect for stacking and layering together.

In the bracelet above, I arranged large, patterned 14k gold plated jump rings around groupings of the cords and a chunky faceted citrine to play on the rich golden theme.  I added two different colors of waxed Irish linen at the base of the loop for a dash of fall color and to hold the citrine in place.  I love the look of the hook and loop clasp!  There are so many ways to dress up this leather cording.

A Few Tips:

1) Measure your cord to your desired length and then test around your wrist before cutting.  Be sure to take into account the length of your clasp and how much leather will fit inside the glue-in part of the clasp.

2)  When gluing more than one piece of leather into a clasp finding at a time, carefully lay it out on a table and arrange the leather cord the way you want it to lay around your wrist and fit in the clasp before you try to start gluing.   Otherwise, your leather cord will end up a sticky, jumbled mess!

3) Make sure your clasp is glued on facing the correct way.  When I was making my bracelet, I almost glued the bar end of the clasp facing inward so the leather loop would have not had a place  to catch.  That would have been a mess to try to fix once the glue was already in the clasp!

4)  Place the glue in the clasp first and be a little conservative with it.  You don’t want to be cleaning off oozing glue from the suede or from your clasp. I used Scotch Maximum Strength Adhesive glue but you could also use a GS Hypo Cement – it would just take longer to get the right amount due to the tiny precision applicator.

5)  Allow your bracelet to dry for at least an hour before wearing it.


That’s it -simply stylish!  The stitched round leather cord would be great for earrings and necklaces too.


  1. Great bracelet! Love how the leather twines into each other!! And thanks for the guidance and tips!

  2. I sometimes spot glue with GS Hypo Cement after conservatively gluing with something else like Scotch or E-6000. I use the needle tip to get between the leather and the clasp anywhere that seems like it’s a little too loose.

  3. Love it, the addition of the Irish wax linen adds a nice touch! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’m going to try to make this myself, but if it doesn’t work out are you going to be selling this?

    • Hi Clare. This one is spoken for already. I hope to be making some more and adding them to the store in the near future.

  5. That bracelet is so cool! Did you use the 2.5 or 5mm lace?

    • Hi CIndy. Oops. Forgot to mention for this bracelet, I used the 5mm stitched round suede lace. Thanks for asking the question!


  6. Tracy, what a cool leather product to play with!!! And I LOVE the clasp….I’m trying to figure out how it works! 🙂 The color combination with the dark leather, gold, and linen accents is just so pretty. Absolutely no surprise that it is already spoken for. I think you should make a few more and let us know when they’re in the shop! 😉

  7. That is a beautiful design. Love it!

  8. I think “simple, cleany styled” are the perfect words to describe this bracelet! So pretty! Love it!

  9. Tracy- Love this bracelet! The bead accents are just a perfect touch, but it would be just as lovely “naked” I’m sure! And thanks for sharing your leather resource! I’ve got it bookmarked now!

  10. i was wondering wher to buy the closure for the bracelet

    • Hi Patsy. Leather Cord USA sell the clasp too.

  11. Tracy, This is so beautiful! I love leather, too! The colors and the softness and clean, neat style of this bracelet are perfect. Thanks so much for sharing all your wonderful tips. I cannot wait to try out some of this type of leather.

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