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78 degrees.  Blue skies.  A delicious fall flavored caffeinated beverage.  It was an inspiring day.

I got to work cutting and applying a patina to some of my upcycled leather.

I found some fun double slide beads at Michaels.  It’s part of their Bead Gallery line. (50% off  right now btw).

 Of course I didn’t use them as they were intended!



Update: I attached them by punching 4 holes in the leather.  One for each slide attachment on the back.  I strung waxed linen through the slider hole and then through the holes in the leather and tied it on.  It makes a nice tight, permanent connection and is soft so it won’t scratch your wrist.


I’m getting ready for a Saturday full of soccer games and a Saturday night of jewelry making fun with a bead swap and metal working class at Art Bliss.  I’m looking forward to seeing some of my jewelry making friends!  Then, hopefully on to some apple picking and photos in the orchard on Sunday afternoon!


Hope you are all doing well~  Enjoy your weekend!



  1. have fun at ArtBliss

  2. Tracy- have a GREAT time at ArtBliss- I got to attend the first one, and it was a blast!
    Loved your bracelets and the beads, but I don’t get what you mean by two sided. Were
    they like slide beads? In any case, they look fab. Have fun at the orchard as well.

  3. beautiful bracelets and I love the “graining” in that leather! I will see you at ARTBliss!

  4. That is a great look! I had the privilege of designing with those new components before they hit the stores as part of my Halcraft Design Team but I never thought of using them this way. Very clever! Enjoy the day. Erin

  5. Love, I have been wanted to get to Michaels so I can check them out, you have pushed me a little faster to get there.

  6. Your leather bracelets are so pretty, Tracy. I really like the use of these components on leather.
    It was so nice to see you on Saturday night but way too short as always! Can’t wait to see how your project turned out in Stacie’s class.
    How was the apple picking? We’ve never gone around here – did you go somewhere like Winchester? I bet it was fun – and the weather was perfect!

  7. I would love to join the jewelry word class. Please include me in your word list you will be sending out. Sounds like fun. I have enjoyed reading your blog, and seeing the wonderful jewelry tutorials you have.
    Thanks Carolyn

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