Stretch Cord & Leather Bracelets. Kind of Different.

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Happy Tuesday My Friends!

 I wanted to show you a fun and slightly different way to use stretch cord for bracelets.  Rather than only using stretch cord, I wanted to think outside the bead box for a second and add a linking component to the stretch cord.  It look a little thinking about how to run the stretch cord so I would not have to use two different sections.

I created the knotted leather figure 8’s last week so they were on top of the pile on my table.  I was going to use them as necklace charm holders, but they became focals for this batch of bracelets.  You could also use metal connectors if they have smooth edges that won’t fray the stretch cord.

1)  I cut a long length of  cord and tied it to one side of the leather link.   Then, I doubled the stretch cord over and strung the beads on the doubled strands.  You need to have beads with an ample hole size to string two strands of stretch cord through.  (The pearl bracelet is not a stretch cord bracelet.  It is knotted on S-lon bead cord – but it looked great with the set)!



2)  Once I strung on all the beads, I ran both ends of the stretch cord around the other end of the leather infinity link and pulled the beads tight.   3).  Next, I ran the doubled cord back through the last bead again so the knot would not be visible on the leather link.

4)  I tied an overhand knot with both strands of stretch and then I took each strand of cord apart and tied two more overhand knots together around the main strand.  I tested it and pulled it tight.  5)  I finished it with a dot of GS Hypo Cement, leaving it to dry for about 30 minutes.  The knot is hiding between the last two beads.



I used Stretch Magic in a .5mm.  I also like powercord from Fire Mountain Gems.  Don’t forget to finish off your knots with a bit of GS Hypo. I Love the precision tip applicator for getting just a little bit of adhesive in a tiny space!

I’m sending you warm thoughts today.  It’s going to be close to 80 degrees here in Northern VA.  Just beautiful.



  1. What a great idea and thanks for the instruction. I love these!

  2. Beautiful, as always. But how do you make the leather figure 8’s?

    • Hi Ladies. That would be a great separate post and or Tutorial. : ) Probably best done in a video. You can use any type of link. It does not have to be leather.

      However, real quick. For the infinity link, I made a bow shape out of the leather cord. Then I strung a large hole bead in the middle of the bow shape. I tied a type of coil knot with 2 separate pieces of leather to each side of the bead. I used GS Hypo cement to secure the knots and I trimmed the excess leather tails. That’s it in a nutshell. Hope that helps a little. : )

      • I love them, but I require visual. Do you have a video set up yet? That would be great!

  3. This would be a great video tutorial! (hint-hint) 😀

  4. I am wondering about the leather infinity also 🙂

  5. These are great bracelets! I was also wondering how you made the leather links? What length did you cut and how did you get the loops the same size? That can be tricky! Thank you for the post and the inspiration!

  6. I love these bracelets! Stretch bracelets are wonderful for anyone who fumbles to put on a clasp, but the look sometimes leaves something to be desired. Your version is a classy take on the stretchy look!

  7. love ’em!

  8. Such a fun and creative bracelet … love love the figure 8 leather link!

  9. I loved these!!! I will be sure to give them a try. Hopefully you will put up the video for the infinity links.

  10. Can you provide instructions on how you tied the leather off? Thanks!

  11. I love these bracelets! Very clever and the leather adds such a classy finish! However I am a bit confused by step 4. Would you mind explaining that step further? Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Yeah – a little confusing unless you see me do it. Basically, I just tied it three times between the last two beads. First time overhand knot with both strands. Second and third time is a regular knot where I separated the two strands and tied them around the center cord. Remember, I had sent the cord back through that last bead and I am tying the knot between the last two beads.

      • Ok, I get it now! Thank you!

  12. Thanks for the explanation. Yes, a video tute would be great.

  13. WOW! I love this
    I want to give this a try with my new size paper bead.
    The beads are 1cm in diameter and 1cm in length, do you think these will work?
    Here is the link so you can see the shape

  14. great idea!! love thinking outside the box! 😉

  15. These bracelets are great-looking! I definitely will have to try them. I’ve made the leather infinity loops as a necklace closure (make two separate infinity loops with one of the loops a bit larger on each one—on the second infinity loop I used a ss shank button on the larger loop as the closure). Can’t wait to make one of these bracelets—I love the bead in the middle!

  16. BEAUTIFUL…. Thanks for new ideas!

  17. I need a visual…..can you show how you did step by step please.

  18. How did you make the leather figure 8s? they are cool!

  19. WOW – DOUBLE WOW – lOVE THIS IDEA – great for gifts when you don’t know the exact wrist size of the person you’re giving them too!!!!!

  20. Oh Tracy, these are super cool indeed! You know me, I love the leather and pearl one,…with those yummy knots! But, the stretchy ones are really nice because it’s such a great design for people who are hard to fit (wrist wise) and these look so hip/modern! And I agree that a little video tutorial of the leather bow knot would be awesome! 🙂

  21. This is a great tutorial. I love the leather infinity bow, now if i can follow your directions I may make one. Thanks ever so much.

  22. Oh so pretty, all of them!!! Thanks so much for the tutorial too. I always love the colors you use 🙂

  23. Are you by any chance willing to sell the pearl bracelet? 🙂

  24. These are absolutley fabulous – and elegant! From reading the comments, I would imagine you will be posting a tut on the leather infinity connectors – they really make the bracelet! Wonderful job! Thanks for sharing!

  25. Another request for a tutorial on the leather infinity link, please!! (soon would be great, as it’s time to start making Christmas gifts already!)
    I would also love to know how to make the pearl bracelet. I have lots of c-lon. Thanks!!

  26. I too love the infinity loop on the stretch bracelets. I would love to make one for my grandaughter. Any chance you will do a tutorial? On “You Tube”?

  27. It would be great with a tutorial. Also, what kind of beads and where can I find these? Thanks for your great ideas!!

    • Hi Mary Jane. These are large hole spacer beads. You can google large hole silver spacer beads and come up with many places to purchase. The sterling silver thick ones are from Fire Mountain Gems. I don’t remember where I got them. Likely from a local bead show. Hope this helps.

      • I found some large hole spacer metal beads at Michaels over in the bead landing products on a hang card. They were on sale 40% off:)

  28. Tracy how long is the figure 8 loop on each side of the bead or how long is the whole figure 8?
    If you are making this bracelet for and unknown wrist size how long would you make the beaded portion for an average size wrist?
    I just love making these!

  29. You are so truly creative! If you don’t have a book in the works, I hope you do soon!

  30. Love these bracelets.

  31. What size is the leather? Thaanks!

    • It’s 1.5 mm.

  32. I admire your piece of jewelry is original, and certainly gives a lot of joy to those who wear it. I cordially greet the Polish :o)

  33. Thanks for the instructions for these great-looking bracelets!

  34. Hi..
    Amazing and well done!
    That looks awesome…

  35. Tutorial yet? Maybe on YouTube? Fingers crossed!!!


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