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I want to introduce you to Prima Bead.  Have you heard of them?   They are a young subsidiary of family owned Cousin Corporation of America, which has been in the jewelry supply and bead business for over 40 years.  What an awesome family business!   Here are a few things, in my opinion, that makes Prima Bead stand out in the jewelry supply world:

  • Prima offers free shipping on all U.S. ground orders  (no minimum) and they offer volume discounts between 10-25%.
  • I’m impressed with their designers who have a current and fashionable design aesthetic.  They have put together chic bracelets, necklaces and other projects for inspiration.  Lots of great photos-   I love that!
  • To make it easy, you can order all of the jewelry supplies in each project with just the click of a button or of course you can order ‘al a carte.   Their website is really well done!
  • They offer kits and color coordinating bead assortments for beginners or for those times when you just need a quick project fix and don’t want to think too hard about a design.
  • Prima does lots of sweepstakes and fun giveaways.  More about that at the end of this post


They sent me a beautiful box of jewelry making supplies to play with.  It was lined in pretty purple tissue paper – their signature color.  It definitely made an impression!

 I created a contrasting rustic/glam necklace.  The big circle chain was too fun for me not to grab right away.

Prima offers great color coordinated charm mixes.  This is not something I am accustomed to seeing from other online jewelry supply stores.  Having some assembled bead charms made it so easy to add some sparkle to a pendant I had in my stash.  I attached the pendant with 7 ply walnut, waxed Irish linen, instead of wire, to give it a more rustic look.


Now for the Sweepstakes/Giveaway Opportunities

Each week Prima Bead holds a Sweepstakes on their Facebook page.

 1)  Go to their page,  and “Like” them.  Click on the Sweeps tab and enter the Sweepstakes.

Sweepstakes runs from Friday at midnight November 16th – midnight on Monday, November 19th, 2012  

2)  Leave a comment on my blog if you “Liked” Prima Beads.  Let me know know if you have been making lots of jewelry lately, a little or none at all.  Have you felt inspired or are you in need of inspiration?

I am thankful, blessed and possibly one bead strand away from Hoarders knocking on my door, so I am going to pick a random commenter from my blog to send a jewelry goodie bag to with some of the beads and findings that Prima sent to me.  Hint:  It includes some stretch cord!  So you have two chances to win goodies.  One at Prima Bead’s Facebook page and one here on my blog.

Go to Prima’s page and “Like” them now and enter to win!   Don’t forget to leave a comment on this blog.

To answer my own question:  I have been making the minimum amount of jewelry to get by to fill orders and obligations.  I have been travelling quite a bit this month so I have not had much time to sit still and make jewelry.  We just returned from my husband’s family in CA and we are headed to WI this week to spend Thanksgiving with my parents, my sister’s family and her new baby!  I’m so excited.

Enjoy your weekend!


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  1. just got your email about this contest, went to the Prima Beads facebook page, but their contest is over. Guess I can still win some of their beads from you so I can make something beautiful.

    • It’s up and running now. : )

  2. I too have been trying to make things for the Christmas fairs around our county, but sometimes lack inspiration to do something differet. Then I see a real neat bracelet or necklace or earrings and have a try at it. Love the look of crystal mixed with stones, so I try to incorporate that together. Still trying to break into the business of selling the handmade things, get discouraged but then just keep going. I love working with copper and black chain. Even tried crocheting with wire, looked really pretty with the little crystals and beads.

  3. I was unable to enter sweepstakes on Prima’s page. Says it is no longer accepting entries.
    I have not made a thing. I keep taking out my stuff and not feeling inspired. I even bought new stones and still nothing…I am missing my mojo something fierce.

  4. Oh how wonderful. I want to have some hoarder supplies. I hope to come to that next step. LOL Having fun making jewerly again. Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. Tried to enter,but it said it’s closed.

  6. A little late starting handmade christmas for the other women in my life– but inspired. Thanks

  7. I tried to enter the sweepstakes but it wasn’t listed where they said it would be. There was only an expired one. I will try them later.
    I “liked” Prima and requested a catalog…good stuff!
    Thanks for letting us know about them!

    • Thanks for the info about Prima Beads….I have been making lots of jewelry lately, but feel like its been getting stagnate..This has given me some new ideas.

  8. just liked Prima on FB. I want that Class in a Box kit with brown and grey pearls!!! Have not been making much jewlelry lately, too busy…but this has inspired me. Thanks for the heads up on Prima…great site is right!

  9. I am going to like Prima Beads. I haven’t been making much jewelry lately due to 98 other things going on in my life right now. But I’m anxious to get started again.

  10. I love Prima Beads. Liked them on FB. But it says the contest is closed, so I’m not sure if we’re too early or too late.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    • Too early I guess to all those above who went to the sweeps tab. It’s up and running now. Good luck!

  11. These are beautiful items. I am always looking for inspiration and Pinterest has certainly helped. But that chain is gorgeous, so I;m heading right over to Pima.

  12. I am strangely inspired these days!!
    The problem is I need more and more beads and findings to fulfill my ideas
    I am planning to give sth handmade, earrings or bracelet, to all my good lady friends and close family -and bookmarks or key rings for the gentlemen.
    But if I won this, I’d use the lovelies inside for my sister’s birthday present, for next month.
    Thank you and love to all,

    • And I like them on Facebook as Despina Vnt

  13. I am brand new to making jewelry. I have crocheted for years and saw some crocheted jewelry online and started doing that and loved it. Now I want to get into doing more! Beautiful ideas are on this website and I look forward to picking out some great items and learning more!

  14. I find myself at a point right now where I need to go beyond my “comfort zone” and try out new techniques and materials.
    I think it’d be wonderful to win a surprise prize, it’d be an excellent challenge to create with materials I haven’t chosen, so pleas enter me!!

    • I liked them on FB as Gloria Grahame

  15. How funny is this, just received a catalog from Prima. It’s really nice. I love their coordinating components.

  16. I’ve liked Prima Beads for a while on FB!!! I have currently been making some of the macrame bracelets and crocheting bracelets with beads….just some fun arm candy! Some of the inspiration came right from your blog! Thanks for the chance at your giveaway!

  17. Hi! I liked them! Have been a little overwhelmed with life the past few months and not making a ton of jewelry, but with the holidays coming up I definitely feel inspired!

  18. I liked Prima Beads! The sweepstakes is up and running now. I am going back now to check out their site. I have been doing more jewelry making lately. Lots of wrap bracelets. Looking to make more earrings & necklaces.

    • That’s great. Thanks for letting me know it is up and running. : )

  19. I love your figure 8 bracelets and took a stab at making one last week ( not as good as yours but I like it anyway :)). That prompted a brown cord and silver bracelet and I added an accent piece to a little bead bracelet I made a while back. There’s something about opening the bead boxes that makes me want to play with them all. If only I didn’t have to work or sleep! BTW, LOVE what you made from the Prima goodies! I wasn’t familiar with them so it’s nice to have a new resource.

  20. I liked Prima! I haven’t been making much.. I have a ton to photograph and get on my Etsy site, plus .. we have a puppy (he’s almost 11 months old now) and he takes up a lot of my time.

  21. I loved your chain necklace, Ive been busy beading lots of mini bags of all sizes and in the process of getting friends to help update my own site. I love the inspiration that I gain from all your followers and fellow jewelry makers. My problem is working full time i cant seem to find the time to to it all. I guess that whats make it worth while. Thanks for all the inspiration.e

  22. I liked Prima Bead on facebook. I haven’t been making much lately and definitely need some inspiring. I love seeing your creations….keep them coming!!

  23. I am totally in! I have been making lots of jewelry and crocheting scarves for 2 holiday craft fairs coming up. I have had quite a bit of inspiration lately, mostly from nature. I am working up some photo pendants this weekend made up of photos I took while walking my doggie at our neighborhood park. I already started a blog entry about it, so come follow me and it should be up later this weekend!

  24. I was successful entering the Prima Beads sweepstakes! I am a new jewelry maker. Looks like a great site to inspire me and find great beads and pieces to help me make fabulous creations!!

  25. Great bead finds Tracy – I liked their fb page but the link wasn’t workin on the entry page this morning so I just commented on their page. It’s probably a fb thing,…knowing facebook! I’ve been making jewelry to get ready for my annual holiday jewelry party I have every year at my sis’s house – we always have so much fun. We have my nephew playing acoustic guitar, a massage therapist doing 1/2 hour massages, great food, and they’re clients I’ve had since the beginning of time, so I make jewelry geared towards the things they like and it always goes very well!

  26. I Liked prima beads and google+1 them too 🙂 Ive been going through creating spurts lately. I feel in a creative rut right now. Could definately use inspiration. Thank you!

  27. My creative spirit gets going whenever I see something that says “Here’s something new and different!” Love this website, will definitely order! Also check out, great website, good videos, and free shipping

  28. I liked Prima Beads on fb and started following them on Pinterest. I am starting all the jewelry I am making for Christmas presents.

  29. Love making jewelry, love beads and all things to do with making pretty things.
    I entered the contest.

  30. I’m anxious to try the Prima Beads. Just started beading about 6 months ago and am totally hooked. Keep the great ideas coming.

  31. I liked Prima Bead on Facebook and entered the contest! When I have some time tomorrow I am going to check them out on Pinterest. We are at a wedding this weekend, I made the bridesmaids jewelry. Now that that project is done I will start on Christmas. My regular job has been pretty busy, but things will settle down this week. Want to be able to check out their website next week also.

  32. Their site is fantastic. I have been making as much jewelry as I can lately for upcoming shows. Now I have to start on Christmas presents. Inspiration has been coming to me in my dreams lately . Now if I could just win the lottery so I can afford to make everything. Good luck to everyone in the contests.

  33. I’ve been saving up a lot of projects to do, but I haven’t gotten around to doing them yet. I’m thinking of making some jewelry for my relatives for Christmas during the break though.

  34. I “liked” the Prima Beads on Facebook. I haven’t been making much jewelry lately, but I’m gathering ideas for my next burst of productivity. Love your blog!!

  35. beautiful!

  36. Love this necklace and would love it even better if you would make it available for purchase!

  37. I liked their page! The beads are awesome! Haven’t crafted in a while just because I haven’t found any beads that really inspired me or made me want to make something! These beads definitely make me have the itch to craft again!!

  38. Cool necklace! I like how you tied on the pendant. Thanks for the introduction to Prima Beads. Just checked them out and liked them on Facebook. I haven’t made any jewelry for quite some time, since I’ve been mainly focused on stamping. I may make some earrings for Christmas gifts!

  39. Very nice necklace. Primary beads look like they would be fun to create with. I hope to give this a try too.

  40. I have gone and “liked” Prima Bead on Facebook. I love the necklace you made. I’m trying to get a lot of jewelry making done before Christmas. I’m fairly new at this and am still desperately trying to build up my supplies. I know I’ll eventually get it done, though. Thanks for this opportunity to maybe add to my stash!!

  41. I’ve done the things on their website. Thanks for hosting this giveaway, too!

  42. Love getting your emails …they always bring me here to this fun and informative blog!!! Love it when you host a giveaway!!! Thanks bunches!!!

  43. I “liked” Prima on facebook. I have hardly made any jewelry lately. When I have a lot “going on” it’s harder to be creative. My Dad passed away just a few weeks ago and it was the end of a long stretch of sadness. Looking forward to shaking off the sadness and getting creative in future. The necklace is inspiring- I like the boldness and the fact that is nuetral enough to be versatile.

  44. Thanks for sharing. ‘liked’ Prima!

  45. Loved the Prima beads and “liked” it on FB as well as entered the sweepstakes! I make jewelry all the time and wish I had more time but I have to work to buy beads! Just learned how to drill holes in pearls for my leather and pearl jewelry! Thanks for your blog and inspiration! Can’t wait to check out all that Prima Beads offers!

  46. Thankyou for your MAKE BRACELETS site. I have not made jewellery for a few months now because all of my possessions are still in storage as I have recently moved to an Island in the Gulf of Georgia. I am missing what I love so much; but your site keeps me inspired. I will be making a few bracelets that you have offered tutorials for.
    I went to the PRIMA site and requested a catalogue of what they offer.
    Thankyou again, Tracy.

  47. I found Prima Beads a while ago and like the kits and classroom in a box. I liked them on FB and entered the contest.
    I’ve only been making myself some earrings and practicing (and practicing) making wire loops. Think I need to move onto something else,as I’m getting frustrated with my lack of being able to get a nice wrapped loop!

  48. Liked and entered the giveaway, thanks for the heads up!!
    I’ve been working alot and haven’t done any shows yet this year(I have a couple in Dec), but, I am making christmas gifts right now and that keeps me pretty busy!
    Enjoy the Holidays everybody!!

  49. I definitely “liked” Prima Beads, but missed the sweeps entry. I’ve been making bracelets and earrings for the grand
    re-opening of my Esty shop (I will reveal the name soon) and to give as gifts for Christmas. I absolutely adore your blog, and will be checking in quite often. Thank you for all of the inspiration Tracy!

  50. I think the necklace you made is beautiful! Love the touch of dark Irish Linen to attach the pendant. I am making jewelry for my second ever craft fair! I love the ideas on Prima Bead – will try to make a bracelet like the “Natalie” one in the tutorials for the fair. So many ideas on the Prima site! I hope to start an Etsy shop someday!

  51. Haven’t been making much with beads lately! Life gets away from me sometimes! I have liked PrimaBead and maybe I can win some beads to get me back on track!

  52. Greetings! Thanks for sharing Prima’s site. I love what I seen and I’ve also shared the info on my facebook page. I’ve been SLACK in the area of beaded, but I’m about to gear up for the HOLIDAYS. Enjoy your THANKSGIVING and ENJOY ALL YOUR BLESSINGS!!! ;p

  53. Thanks for sharing your Prima creation. Awesome job. Not had much time to create lately. Maybe after everyone’s stuffed with turkey!

  54. Forgot to mention I liked them on FB as Gloria Grahame

  55. It looks like you have some beautiful pieces from Prima. I have been creating average as of late. I should be creating more to fill up my space at local galleries. Family obligations are just taking up too much time.

  56. Liked their page!
    I very much enjoy your blog!
    I made my friends the linen wrap bracelets and they loved them!

  57. thank you for introducing Prima Beads to me I am always looking for new places to purchase beads.

  58. I did it! I entered and liked and plus oned and all that! Thanks for the info! I would love to have a whole day to just sit in a pile of beads and make jewelry!

  59. I went over and “liked ” Prima…and I really DO like them!
    Starting my Christmas beading on Friday. Wrap Bracelets, fun, easy and you never have too many!

  60. Thanks for sharing the information about prima bead. I really love the beads necklace.

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