Inspire Change: Wellness Words Jewelry Challenge

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I’d like to start the year together with a healthy jewelry making challenge.  Yes, that’s right, a “healthy” jewelry making challenge.  It involves choosing a powerful word or phrase that is meaningful to you and incorporating it into a jewelry design that will serve as a reminder to make a positive change in your life.  This challenge has an introspective component and a hands on component.  I have been thinking about coordinating a challenge like this for quite awhile.  The start of the new year seems to be as good a time as any!

Here is where the inspiration for this challenge comes from.  Before I sold new homes and before I was in sales, marketing and sales ops training in technology, I spent six years (between undergrad and graduate school) getting degrees in health education, fitness management and corporate wellness. Through a series of life’s twists and turns, I only ended up working in that industry for about four years.

Eighteen years later,  I am still really interested in anything health and wellness related and find that many of the books and magazines I read have something to do with it.  It ranks right up with jewelry making in level of interest.  It does not mean I am in great shape (definitely not) and I don’t eat “perfectly” all the time.  Wellness is about making your actions line up with your values.  It’s about your life being in a reasonable balance that’s appropriate for the stage of life that you are currently in. It’s as much about keeping your body healthy as it is about figuring out what makes you happy and making sure you fuel yourself so you have the energy to make things happen for yourself.  It’s also about accepting the times when things just are not working for you.  Never an easy thing to do.  (She steps down off her soapbox)…


I consider jewelry making to be a big part of my health and wellness.  It helps me stay sane and I’m always learning new skills. It makes me happy.  It’s been proven that having a hobby you enjoy, so much that you easily lose track of time, is a healthy thing.  Sharing your hobby with people who have the same interest is even better!  That is where you come in my friends.

Challenge Details:


Starting today until January 20th, you can sign up if you want to join me in this challenge.  The Reveal and Blog Hop will be on February 2nd, 2013.  You have almost one month to get ready.  I will post all the participants and the links provided to me so that you can hop around from blog to blog and see everyone’s creation on the 2nd of February.

Challenge Step One:

Choose an inspirational word or phrase in an area of your life where you want to make positive change.  Make sure your words truly represent something you want to work on.  Don’t choose a word because it looks good, is popular right now or someone else thinks you should choose it.

These are the six categories of wellness that people generally want to make changes in:   Physical, Emotional, Occupational, Spiritual, Intellectual and Social.  Your words can represent any of these areas.

I have been compiling a categorized list of words and phrases in these different areas.  It’s not at all comprehensive, but I will email it to everyone who participates.  You can make up your own words or please feel free to use something from the list if it resonates with you.

Challenge Step Two:

You can make earrings, a necklace or a bracelet.  Incorporate your words into your design.  It does not have to be complicated.  Perhaps simple is better.  That way you may want to wear your jewelry more often so you can be reminded of your words and focus on the healthy change part of this challenge.  If you want to go all out on your design, then by all means, please do!

You don’t have to make the word component of your design.  You can buy a word bead, pendant or letter charms from an artist on Etsy.  Making your words will of course give you more freedom to choose a word that’s specific to you.  You can use resin to make a pendant, stamp letters in clay, metal or leather. Form a word from wire.  Maybe you know how to etch metal.  There are endless options. Your word can be central to the design or a more subtle part of the design.  Totally up to you!

On the morning of February 2nd, you will need to post pictures of your creation on your website.  You can write a little about the motivation for choosing your words and how you are doing with your change if you would like to.  I don’t want to pressure you to expose something you don’t want to share.  This is meant to be fun, supportive and motivational.  The picture of the jewelry can speak for itself in you want it to!

Sign Up:

Leave a comment on this blog post if you would like to join me in this challenge.  Make sure your email and blog or website is in your name tag or visible in your post.  I hope you can join me!   Sometimes all it takes is putting a healthy intention in writing and sharing it out loud with others who can support you to give you the motivation to make it happen!


Enjoy your first weekend of 2013!






  1. This sounds so neat,,,such a great idea Thank you!!

  2. I’m in! Although I think my challenge will be more about “focus”! lol

  3. Hi I have never done anything like this before and want to know do I really need a website?? I had a blog a few years back but never really used it…..thanks,,,,sue

    • Hi Sue. You can absolutely create something on your own and play along that way. By all means! However, if you want to share it with everyone and be a part of the blog hop that is where the website comes in. It could even be a photo sharing site such as Flickr or photobucket where you post your photo. You just need to provide the link to me once you have posted your piece and make sure it is not a site that is going to require a log-in with a password. I don’t know all the photo sites well enough to know which ones would need a password. Let me know if you find a way to be a part of the hop!


  4. I’m in!! Love your idea and can’t wait to get started!!

  5. I’m in – sounds like fun and inspirational.

  6. Great idea as I believe good art can be inspirational as well as just pleasing to look at. I’m game:) so you can count me in! I would appreciate a copy of your words to get me kick started. I’m not one to make new year’s resolutions, because I don’t want to disappoint myself, Ha!

  7. This is a wonderful idea. I’m all for it!!!

  8. I would love to join in but only have a facebook page for my business and an etsy shop- will the facebook page work as a website?

    • I think the Facebook page would work. As long as it is open for everyone to view without being friends. By all means play along and send me your link when you have it.

  9. Sounds like a fun challenge.

  10. Sorry, I’m not very good at following instructions!

    here’s my blog:


    And just in case anyone feels like creating a website, you can make a free one here, with templates and everything!

    here’s my website there:

  11. wonderful idea, count me in!

  12. Love this idea, count me in. I’ve been looking for a project and this is perfect. Can’t wait to see everyone’s designs 🙂

  13. I am super excited to participate!

  14. Would love to participate!

  15. I am definitely taking part. This is a wonderful creative AND cleansing project to start the New Year. I have shared it on my website (I hope that’s OK) and posted a link back to you.
    I cannot wait to get started!
    Wonderful idea. Thank you.

  16. You must have overheard the discussion I had with my husband. Ha! I would love to take part in this and I know what my word is. I am ready to make some changes. Or I’m working up to being ready? I guess if I were really ready, I’m be doing those things I need to do. Oy… This is tough. And that’s why I need to be in. So I’d like to be a part of this, please.
    P.S. That last sentence took me ages to write. It’s a huge commitment for me.

  17. I would love to participate. I have already picked out a word for this year. My blog is at

    What type of material did you use for the “no fear” pendant? Is it Sterling Silver?

  18. HI Tracy,

    I haven’t been committing to many challenges lately, but this one I can’t resist and because it’s coming from you, makes it all the more irresistible! My word for the year came to me easily, so I’m taking this as a sign. Count me in! 🙂

  19. What a beautiful challenge. I’d love to participate!

  20. Yes…count me in too…I need a personal piece of jewelry for myself right now and this is a great reason to make one!! fun!

  21. Ooops… and stacieflorer (at)

  22. Hi Tracy, I’d like to be part of it. What a cool idea. Thanks for hosting this. And a very HAPPY NEW YEAR. Dita from

  23. Sounds like fun! Count me in!
    Thank you

  24. Very beautiful concept! I’m inspired:)

  25. Tracy, what a FANTASTIC idea to ring in 2013! I happened to pick a word this year, a first for me. I like how you tie “wellness words” in with health and happiness – and I also enjoyed learning more about your background. I need to work on achieving balance more this year…and also focus on the word that I have chosen. 🙂

  26. I’m in ~ ~ ~ although I’m very new at this jewelery aking business I am up for this challenge for sure.

  27. I want to participate in this challenge!

    My Blog:

  28. Luv it! Totally my vibe!
    I am so in!

  29. I would like to join in the fun…

  30. What a challenge! Oh my goodness, we must be on the same wave length, Tracy! I will tell you more about that later. Count me in!!

  31. Oh Tracy, what and awesome challenge! I sooooo wish I was going to be able to participate. My brain’s still trying to figure out how I can, so I may email you if I’m able to jump in! 😉

  32. I’d love to join. I already have chosen my word. This sounds like a wonderful idea and maybe an annual tradition…

  33. This is a great idea, I am doing a word with Sally Russick’s new project, Focusing on Life – 52 Photos? This will be great, I can incorporate both into one. How cool!

  34. sorry, left out spot. it is

  35. Tracy, please count me in!!! What a wonderful challenge! My email is and my blog address is

    Happy New Year!!

  36. Yes, I think I will do this one (it’s summer holidays here so I did have to think about it, but it will tie into something I have planned). It does sound like a fun challenge and I am thinking hard about the word(s) I might use. (Melissa_trudinger at yahoo dot com)

  37. I’d like to join in. Sounds like a positive start to the new year!

  38. That sounds great Miss Tracy! I have been thinking along these lines for the past year as well. Words are so much a part of my DNA. In fact, I am working on a new design that will allow people to get their word for the year in a pendant/bracelet connector to wear all the time. I am ordering the supplies for that right now and found mention of your blog hop. I would love to participate. I think I know what my word is now.
    Enjoy the day. Erin

  39. I’m in! I have a word. I will put photos of finished bracelet on azuresunshines at Facebook. I will make sure page is open for all to view.( I am thinking about starting a blog, but feel it’s not time quite yet.)
    Fantastic!!!! Lyn x

    • Would you please send me the “words and phrases” you had come up with to provide some inspiration for me? Thank you so much for all you do! YOU are an inspiration to ME:)

  40. I’d love to join.

  41. Okay, I’m getting my act together and joining in the fun! Thanks for hosting such a creative challenge and blog hop Tracy – I think it’s going to be a lot of fun!! Cheers, ~Shel~ MiShel Designs

  42. Sign me up please! and email sue (at) suebeads (dot) com Thanks!

  43. Hi Tracy, I’m in! I have so many words that immediately pop to mind. I might have to work on a couple of different designs before I decide.
    Thanks so much for hosting such an inspirational challenge.

  44. Looking forward to participating in this and thanks for hosting.

  45. I’d love to join!

  46. Sounds like fun. I can hardly wait. Thanks for hosting.

  47. I think I messed up, let me try again !! H ere is my email and my website is . I want to participate in this challenge , thank you so much !!

  48. I’d love to join you guys! Please sign me up to participate.

  49. Thank you for such inspiring challenge, I would love to participate!

  50. Hi this sounds like fun! Count me in

  51. Tracy, I would love to join the challenge.

  52. Tracy, I don’t have a website. May I still participate? If so, how would I post my design?


  53. This is a lovely idea for a challenge…please count me in.

  54. I am a newbie to online challenges so no blog or website. My design will be at Thank you so much for letting me participate!


  55. I love the idea of this challenge. Please add me to the list!

  56. I would love to participate – however do not have a blog or website at this that okay?

  57. I am in not sure if this is being accepted.

    • Hi Sandi – Happy to add you to the list! Not sure why your other comments were not coming through. : )

  58. I am excited about this and would love to join the fun! Thank you for the inspiration behind this!

  59. Oh yes, excellent idea. I’ve already chosen a word for the year and just reading your post ideas are already buzzing so I simply must! Looking forward to it!

  60. Hi, This idea sounds fantastic and exciting…. I would love to participate.

  61. Tracy, I had one question. Is a ring okay?

    • Yes – Yes! A ring would be great. Many people don’t make them as much (myself included) so I did not think to list it.

  62. I would like to join as well.

  63. Greetings Tracy! First and foremost, I enjoy your blog. I want to enter your jewelry word challenge, but can my selection be a ring instead of the earrings, bracelet or necklace?

    • I would love to see some rings in the challenge!

  64. Oh, count me in, please – these are 2 subjects dear to me: health and jewelry 🙂

  65. Great idea! I would love to participate, thanks.

  66. I hope I’m not too late! I’d love to join!

  67. I would like to join in if it’s still open. thanks

  68. I would love to join if its still open, if not i thank you for this post because it hit home for me, have a good day!

  69. I am sharing this on my blog on 1/24. I know it’s closed, but I think folks will be looking forward to the reveal day!

    • Ok thanks Cynthia!


  70. Just found your blog and would love to join in. I will share my project on 2nd Feb and link back to you even though I’m too late to join your hop list.

    ** Kate **

  71. I would like to play! is it too late to join in?

    • Hi Charlie. If you have a word, can get your jewelry made and the blog post done by this Saturday first thing in the morning then I’d be happy to add you to the list!


  72. I’d love if you would do a tutorial on how to make a necklace like this. My friend was just diagnosed with breast cancer and I would love to make her something like this, but it’s a little above my comfort zone.

  73. Im in.

    • Hi Nancy. Stay tuned for the next challenge. This one already happened back on February 2nd. Thanks for your interest and hopefully I’ll see you next time!



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