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I’m jumping in on Sally Russick’s  “Focusing on Life, 52 photos” challenge  for the first time this week.  I love to take photographs and I’ve noticed that lately I’m only picking up the camera to photograph jewelry.  I’m hoping this photo challenge will help break me out of that pattern!


Picture 3

 The photo prompt for Week 3 is Taking Time For Yourself.

Focusing on Life, Week 3

 The sun came out for the first time all week on Friday.  It provided the motivation to take a late afternoon walk all by myself.  Not the kind of walk where I jumped on the treadmill in the dark basement.  Not the kind of walk where I had to push the purple jogging stroller…

Instead, a walk where I took the time to bundle up,  stepped outside and got some fresh air.  Just my thoughts and I.   “In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks” – John Muir.

Thanks for the photo prompt Sally!  You can head over to The Studio Sublime to see how everyone else took time for themselves.

Have  a great weekend!




  1. I wish I had that view during my walks!! Gorgeous and so inspiring! Glad you took a moment…

  2. What a beautiful place to take a walk. Your photo is gorgeous.

  3. Love your quote from John Muir. So very true. I hope to do it more often. Such a great view too!!

  4. John Muir is one of my faves…and what a lovely spot to take a walk! I love how you showed how taking a walk can be about your or about others. A lot of wisdom there!

  5. Beautiful Tracy, I would love to have a place this beautiful to take a relaxing walk to.

  6. gorgeous photo, and i love the quote – oh so true! walking is a beautiful way to take time and recharge…
    have a great week!
    [no. 13 this week]

  7. What a beautiful quotation! Love it! I know you live close by to me, and I am not sure where you took this photo – but I am green with envy!

  8. Lovely photo! I know what you mean about only photographing jewelry, I feel the same way. I have a neighborhood park with a pretty nice view – and occassionally my dog lets me enjoy it!

  9. Yay, I’m glad you joined! I love your photo, and I’m a bit jealous that you have that lovely scene withing walking distance.

    I love the John Muir’s quotes.

  10. Tracy,
    So glad you’re joining in, this is going to be a fun ride (and has so far, too!). I love your photo,…looks peaceful and your quote is beautiful and such a great reminder! Thansk for sharing.

  11. Peaceful and spiritual, that’s what I feel when I look at your photo, beautiful!

  12. Tracy, glad you joined in because your photos are always so beautiful. I had to laugh about the treadmill comment – you are so right, this is a MUCH better kind of walk! I was so happy that the sun came out too, although boy was it chilly with the wind yesterday! I’m glad its warmer here in VA today. You sure have a gorgeous place to walk nearby – hope you’ll have more opportunities to take advantage of it!

  13. Oh, such a beautiful view! you’re absolutely right: there is nothing better than a walk through the outdoors: one will always find something miracle or another 🙂

  14. Tracy, your photo is beautiful! I’m so glad that you were able to take in some “me” time! I can tell by the post that the walk was a wonderful recharge for you!!

  15. What a lovely view. That sounds like such a wonderful afternoon.

  16. What a beautiful photo. I might be tempted to take more walks if I had a view like that to look at!

  17. What a beautiful view!!

    I’m new this week too – I’m #40 in the list. 🙂

  18. Your photo sets the scene perfectly for your quiet and relaxing walk. I agree that this a perfect way to take time for yourself,

  19. That looks like such a peaceful place to walk and gather your thoughts, so glad you are joining in!

  20. Wonderful picture and the view is gorgeous! I am glad you were able to have a relaxing walk!

  21. Isn’t a walk in the country refreshing? I love where I live. I can sit on my front porch and not see a car go by for 20 minutes. Well I won’t sit there today as it is below zero here today. Glad you got some alone time.

  22. Oh yes, I agree, that looks like the perfect way to take a walk. We’ve got the sun but it’s bitter cold and the snow is deep so I’m a lot less keen. If only I could make pretend better

  23. What a beautiful place for a walk.. I think I would be there every day with a view like that! Hope you get some more days where you can enjoy that beauty.

  24. What lovely scenery for a bracing walk.

  25. What a beautiful vista! I am glad that you had the time to enjoy it. Enjoy the day. Erin

  26. Just the way you described the lack of necessities for your walk had me feeling more at ease. And that photo of where you walked sealed the deal on it being a calm, thoughtful, quiet, pondering kind of walk. A walk where you can hear your footsteps. It sounds soul-soothing.

  27. Tracy, I love your photo and the quote by Muir and the jewelry pieces are adorable. It’s so strange that those were the thoughts in me too…Love ( myself ) and give that love to others and your statement – Live purposefully! With this project of yours you reminded me ( us) of that core value. Thank you so much for doing this. Also you reminded me that Focus 52 is a journey with our camera lense. I must keep that in mind. Have a great day. Dita.

  28. That is a beautiful shot. Where exactly is this lake?

    • In my neighborhood in Northern Virginia.

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