Wellness Words Jewelry Challenge: Reveal

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It’s time to reveal the work of over 50 jewelry designers that joined my Wellness Words Jewelry Challenge.  I issued this challenge one month ago.  It required a little thinking and soul searching on the part of the designers in addition to jewelry making.  You can click here for the inspiration and details about this challenge if you are new or missed the original post.


I have to tell you,  for the girl that created this challenge, for the one that felt it would be easy to come up with a word or phrase – it turned out to be harder than I anticipated.  There are so many specific things I want to work on this year and when I wrote about this challenge, I did not have a clue what words I would use!  I discovered how many words and phrases resonate with me and then I was reminded of how indecisive I can be at times when it comes to making a committment!  In the end, I’m happy where I landed.  Instead of being specific, my words represent more of a theme for the way I want to live my life and the way I want to make decisions to improve my overall well being.


Love, Live On Purpose



love,live cover shot



love, live collage



I want to appreciate (love) myself more and make a point to show more love and appreciation to those that are important to me.  Sending out more love is a great way to receive and feel more love – and hey – it’s February!

Live on Purpose

Living on purpose means that I want to fill my time with things that are most important to me.  I want to really take the time to plan things that propel me forward with my goals and then follow through and get them done.   I want to take action to finish projects that are almost done and stop letting little excuses get in my way.  I want to have less days where I’m busy all day – but I never quite feel like I accomplished what I wanted to.  Can anyone relate?  I don’t think I’m done with word jewelry.  After doing this exercise, I definitely think I am going to be making more expressive jewelry.

I can’t wait to see everyone’s words and the jewelry they created.  Thanks to everyone who put themselves out there and I hope this gives you some ideas and motivation for positive change this year!

Even if you did not participate in this challenge, take a few minutes to click on the links below to see what everyone is working on.  If you want to share some love, leave a supportive comment!





  1. Love what you made, Tracy, and I love your choice of words. Thanks for coming up with a great challenge!

  2. Ah, beautiful words suspended prominently on such a beautiful necklace!

  3. Beautiful words…. Beautiful necklace!

  4. I definitely know the day where you strive all through and end up achieving nothing!! Great necklace and great words.

    ** Kate **

  5. The necklace is gorgeous. I love the gemstones. It is so free and natural. That bail is awesome.

  6. Tracy, thank you so much for hosting this thoughtful jewelry challenge. There’s nothing better than to create jewelry, not on a whim, but with meaning. Your phrases really resonate with me – its like I could clip out your words on living with purpose and post them on my virtual memo board. This year, I would like to work towards specific goals as well, without excuses holding me back. And that sense of accomplishment at the end of the day? I’m feeling good about that, as I think I try to pack in as much as humanly possible in the hours of my day – but making them really count, I can work on that.
    Oh your necklace is so, so beautiful! I love the look of the dark, knotted cording in contrast to the faceted rose quartz beads that you chose. Thank you for hosting this challenge – what a great way to kick of 2013!

  7. Beautiful sentiments, Tracy – and both are worth striving for. Loving oneself is sometimes the hardest type of love, and living a purposeful life is a great goal. Here’s to reaching those goals in 2013!

  8. So eloquently spoken and such wonderful advice to remember. Like Cindy, I could clip these words and carry them with me as a reminder! Thank you.

  9. Like your choice and thanks for hosting.

  10. FIrst, thanks so much for hosting such a wonderful challenge Tracy, it really made me take a deeper look at things – thank you!! And second, I can completely relate to what you mentioned in your post and I think a lot of us are in similar places in our lives right now and having similar feelings. Your jewelry rocks too, as always!! I love the knotting (you know that!) and the browns with the pinks are perfect together and the fact that you used some leather and silver,…wow,…just wow!! It’s beautiful.

  11. Hi Tracy, I enjoy your blog post, unfortunately I have been behind on my reading. Interesting as I have just began in November of last year using words in my jewelry designs and wish I had participated. That’s me, a day late and a dollar short! :o) Glad you had a lot of participants. Thanks for all you share and encourage others. I really like your style. Your necklace looks like it could be found on the pages of Sundance Jewelry Catalog!

  12. Love this and I think you should start to make inspirational pieces. Now I want to make a “balance” and”calm ” piece and a personal mantra (“I have all I need”) piece. Living in the sf bay can be stressful and sometime we need to find balance and remain calm. Thank you !

  13. Yes, I can totally relate to being busy all day and not quite accomplishing to level I’m happy with. I think anyone can relate to that. We all experience it. Your words are great and I especially like the self love part. That is a very important part. If there is anything I have learned on my own journey inward it’s that the way we think about ourselves, see ourselves, feel about ourselves and treat ourselves is the key. And just because I have learned that and have known it for a long time now, does not mean I know how to do that well or even practice it on a regular basis. It is difficult and always a process.

    I love your jewelry. Always chic, stylish, wearable and thoughtful with beautiful craftsmanship and execution. Love that leather infinity!

  14. Yikes, I’m in late in posting and I’m the first on the list! Oops, oh well, it’s out there now! Although I’ve been creative all my life I just starting experimenting with jewelry 2 months ago. All this time I’ve been creative I’ve never participated in a challenge before, thanks so much for doing this! BTW love your piece and your choice of words! Off to visit everyone else!

  15. Thanks for hosting this challenge! Love your jewelry!

  16. Tracy, I agree, it’s so hard to choose just one word or phrase that resonates with us. As I visited the other blogs, each word they chose could have been mine. Me shaking my head in agreement as I read why they choose their word. I reading you entry, I found myself shaking my head, yes, yes, yes..totally relating to your post. And this challenge had me pull out my alphabet stamps that I have not used in ages and reminded me how I love to use them to make sentimental or jewelry with meaning. Thank you for such an awesome blog hop and challenge. My favorite thus far!

  17. I love your necklace! Thank you for hosting the challenge, Tracy. It was very therapeutic and I enjoyed participating!

  18. I completely understand Tracy. I think I will need to continue with words too. I have so many thoughts. Part of my problem is staying focused on one thought or task. Your jewelry is beautiful and your words are so inspiring. Live on purpose speaks to me completely.

  19. This was a great blog hop. I enjoyed looking at the words and wish I had been able to join in the fun! Thanks so much, Tracy, for this and for being understanding to me!

  20. Great necklace and great words Tracy, resonating with me too. Especially the not finishing a project……

    Anyhow, here I am, a late comer to the challenge party!!! I hope this link to my underused Facebook page linking to the fledgling Etsy shop Azure Sunshines


    If this link does not work, i trust someone will know how I can change my privacy settings!!!!
    I will be visiting everyone else over the next week, so exciting!, promise I haven’t peeped!

    I too will be using this idea as a launchpad for more jewellery.
    Thank You again Tracy, Lyn

  21. Tracy, you’re such an inspiration. Thank you for hosting this challenge, it was a lot of fun. Your necklace is beautiful!!

  22. How did I miss this challenge? Everyone did wonderful work on their designs and word choices!

  23. Tracy, I *loved* your challenge – and it has been very inspiring for me to try to stick with one word only 🙂 Your necklace is wonderful – I love its message and its organic flow.

  24. Tracy, thank you for hosting this awesome blog hop! It was hard picking just one word though. Your necklace is beautiful and I LOVE the stones you selected to use…very chic and trendy!

  25. What a great phrase…and living on purpose, and loving on purpose…means living life AWAKE and AWARE…and I believe that with this sort of intention, once internalized, one’s world opens up and more minutes of the day are spent in a blissful state…knowing that your time is being spent doing exactly what your desires are tends to multiply and one’s life is so much richer for it. Thank you for hosting this great hop…full of meaning along with tangible reminders to stay on each of our chosen paths…really got a lot out of it, and had fun creating something just for me. 🙂

  26. Live on Purpose! I love that, will remember that myself. Thank you for sharing!

  27. Thank you Miss Tracy for putting us all on this introspective journey! There is nothing better to me than making jewelry with meaning, with heart. I love to incorporate words especially for others, and that is why I started my Simple Truths. But I never really make jewelry for myself with them so this was an exciting process for me. My idea just came to me fully formed and I am so happy that it turned out! I have you to thank for that! I can totally relate to your rallying cry to live on purpose and to love yourself more. I am right there with you! Enjoy the day. Erin

  28. Great necklace Tracy. And great sentiments behind it. I love the ia of living on purpose. Participating in this was a great experience for me. Thank you for your time and trouble putting it together! Best, Lisa Yang

  29. Tracy, thank you for hosting this meaningful challenge, a great experience for me, as well as all the contributors. Your lovely necklace is interesting as you chose pink and red, colors of the heart which equals life, and your words are simple but really express vast feelings and yearning. Beautiful!

  30. Beautiful Tracy! both in sentiment and execution. Thank you so much for letting us all follow along on this journey with you. It was nice to almost have permission, if you will, to make a meaningful and beautiful piece of jewelry all for myself. I can totally to that feeling of running on the wheel wondering how I’m not getting any further ahead. I used a different word to get to basically the same end 🙂

  31. Will there be a tutorial on this?! It is absolutely beautiful!!

  32. Tracy thank you again for hosting this challenge. What a beautiful creation! Sorry I was late to the party.

  33. I am so glad I came across your blog. I wish i saw your challenge earlier so i couldve joined. Maybe ican join the next one. See ya soon!


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