A Little Competition! Nina Designs Earring Contest

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Happy March Everyone!


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Nina Designs asked four of their blogging design partners to participate in a little Design-Off, so-to-speak, using some of Nina’s beautiful sterling silver jewelry making components.   Each of us were sent the same exact package of goodies and our charge was to make a pair of earrings using at least three of the pieces they sent us.  I snapped a photo of the components after I had already made two pairs of earrings so here are some of the pieces I didn’t use.  I will soon!


Nina Designs silver components


I sat and looked at my choices for quite awhile not quite knowing what direction I was headed.  I felt I had to add a little leather to my design because that’s one of my favorite things to add to my jewelry and I always like to mix metals if possible to add warmth and contrast.  Those were my only thoughts when I started.  My challenge was figuring out how to add leather to this pair of earrings and keep them wearable, not too big and not let the leather overwhelm the pretty sterling pieces.  I printed the Pantone Spring 2013 color palette and then I was off in my jewelry making ZoNE!  Here is what I created.


Sterling Leather Nina Design Earrings

Nina Designs Leather Rings 7


Vote- Silver Leather Earrings

Nina Designs Leather Rings4

I made sure to carry the silver ball theme from the fun circle wheels throughout the earrings so I grabbed my torch, took my fine silver wire and created some large balled head pins for the gemstones.  Wrapping the brass wire around the cord ends, from my collection, helped to give the earrings an artisan feel and  I finished the earrings with some sterling french wires with a ball that I already had from Nina Designs to give it a subtle but cohesive look.  I have to say I’m pretty thrilled with these and they are totally wearable in real life!


Update:  Congratulations to Andrew Thornton.  


You have to go there to see what the other designers have made.  Choose your favorite design and then vote for my earrings.  Did you catch that?  I mean vote for your favorite design.  Really.  My fellow challengers include: Lori AndersonCarmi Cimicata  & Andrew Thornton.  Talent overload!  The winner receives $100 Nina Designs credit.


The voting runs today, through March 11, 2013.   Thanks for your support!

















  1. Wow – you are so creative! I really love these earrings- and I think what I like best is the little bit of contrast wire across the top – gorgeous! I voted 🙂 Good luck!

  2. I voted for you! I wish I could Purchase those earrings somewhere! Love them and how well thought out they are.

  3. I voted for yours. They ARE the best! Good luck!

  4. The touch of gold really sets these off. Very nice…

  5. I voted for yours and really liked them best. The pair on the top left would have been my second choice.

  6. Gorgeous! I voted.

  7. a voté !!! bravo le design est superbe

  8. LOVE, LoVe, love yours and voted for them. Good Luck

  9. LOVE these Tracy!! The leather works very well w/the colors/textures you created with your Nina Designs components. These are so fun!! It’s funny, but I’ve been wire wrapping my cord ends too so that you can’t see the ‘crimpy’ part cause I didn’t like how that portion looked,…and I also wrap them with waxed linen to add color – since I’m so color challenged – and even tiny pieces of leather,…it makes for an interesting look! (I’ll have to take some pics and show you!)

  10. Awesome! I will have to check it out. I love all of you and it would be tough to choose, as that is a complete talent overload! Your use of leather is very inventive and fun! Enjoy the day. Erin

  11. those earrings are amazing! I voted!

  12. I voted for you!

  13. While the other earrings were beautiful, I like your style…its more like my own. I loved the addition of leather and the way you put it all together. I would wear them. Loved them. Voted for them. Second choice would be Carmi’s

  14. Love them! voted for you 🙂

  15. Tracy, your earrings are amazing, and so true to your style! All of the earrings in the challenge were beautiful, but you had my vote from the minute I saw your beauties!

  16. All beautiful entries, but your design speaks to me. Voted!

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