A Few Words About Passion

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 Passion is above all a remedy against boredom.

  – Joseph Brodsky



Try new things.

Amaze yourself.

Discover your Passions & Pursue them.



Tracy Statler Jewelry Studio



 Have a great weekend!



  1. great message … am learning to etch and patina!! mucho fun! ya never know what you’re gonna get! B:

  2. Tracy, these are great quotes. Passion is definitely a remedy against boredom! 🙂

  3. Love this!! Have been ‘re-finding’ my passion lately and it’s such a joy! Love the ‘girls’ in the photo – they’re awesome!

  4. Thanks Tracy. Just what I needed.

  5. just watched your video tutorial, and very well done. no big hole beads that I like, so gonna have to improvise and make something fun like you’ve done. can’t wait. thanks have a great day.

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