About Me

Hi!  Welcome to Make Bracelets.  I’m Tracy, the Bracelet Making Girl behind this blog.

I’m a Mom to one boy and one girl, a Wife, a Doggy Mom to Bella the Cockapoo and an Avid Photographer and a Girl who likes to make unique jewelry.

Jewelry making was a hobby, turned passion and at times an obsession on and off  for the last 10 years.  Bracelets are usually my favorite jewelry pieces to make – especially any kind of  wrap bracelet.  My bracelet obsession started because I have a small wrist and when would buy a bracelet in a store,  it hangs way too low on the hand.  I always have to shorten and rework it.  A long time ago,  I gave up buying bracelets “over the counter” and started making my own.  A few beginning jewelry classes in bead stores on my days off kicked off this whole crazy obsession.

I’ve been blesses through this blog to meet many talented jewelry makers in all different facets of jewelry making.  I have, through these connections, been able to contribute to a few magazines and nationally published jewelry making books, sold in bookstores and on Amazon, which as been lots of fun!


This blog is about more than just bracelets.  I do some wire and metal work.  I bead and like to use lots of different materials in my jewelry making like leather and fibers.  I make earrings and necklaces too.   I aspire to make rings  – one day.  You will see it all here.  Sometimes, I write about travel, life in general and what is going on with my family,


I have produced several very popular video tutorials , one which is sold from the upper right hand corner of my blog and am always looking for inspiration to do more.


Ways to Contact Me: You can leave a comment on a post or use the contact form in the top menu bar.